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London is more than just the City and its famous landmarks. More than its museums, theatres, palaces, taxis and red buses. It is home to some 8 million people. You live, work and socialise across London’s 32 boroughs – you make them tick. You give Sutton’s neighbourhoods, from Worcester Park to Beddington, their unique identity. It is these distinct areas that make our great capital such a rich and diverse city. Unlike the previous Mayor, Boris is working to give all your boroughs - not just Zones 1-3 - his attention.

Boris Johnson has a nine point plan to secure Greater London’s future. He is paying for this plan by cutting waste at City Hall to free up £3.5 billion for services.

In Sutton the plan means:

  • Cutting City Hall’s share of council tax this year after freezing it for three successive years, benefitting 80,177 Sutton households and putting an average £445 back into pockets. (Point 2) (GLA, Press Release, 1 February 2012, link: GLA Website, ‘Budget archive’, link.)
  • Investing in local high streets and supporting small businesses with over £2.5 million of funding for Sutton from the Mayor’s Outer London Fund in order to support the Capital’s High Streets. (Point 6) (GLA, Outer London Fund: Round Two Winners announced, link)
  • Investing in transport with a £54 million upgrade benefitting Beddington Lane and Therapia Lane stations, pedestrianizing Sutton Town Centre and Station Estate, rolling-out Oyster cards onto national rail, and investing £13.8 million to boost local transport in Sutton. (Point 8) (TfL, Borough LIP Funding, link; TfL, Press Release, 20 November 2008, link; TfL, Press Release, 11 December 2009, link; TfL, Press Release, 16 December 2010, link ,TfL, Press Release, 15 December 2011, link).
  • Boris is benefitting local pensioners by reversing the previous Labour government’s decision to stop those at 60 getting the Freedom Pass until 65.
  • He is also the only candidate in this election who can secure a better deal for London from No 10.

Freezing council tax

  • Boris Johnson has frozen council tax for three years and cutting it this year. Boris Johnson has frozen his share council tax for three years and is cutting it this year (GLA, Mayor’s Final Draft Consolidated Budget 2012-13, link).
    • This has helped keep cost of living low for the average households in London (DCLG, Council Tax Base, October 2011), putting £445 back in the pocket of the average household.

Restoring green space

  • 482 street trees. 482 street trees have been planted in Sutton under Boris Johnson (London Assembly, Written answers to Mayoral questions, 25 January 2012, link).
  • 38 green spaces. 38 green spaces, which allow local residents the opportunity to grow their own food, have also been created (Capital Growth Website, link).
  • Ending garden grabbing. Boris Johnson has introduced new protections for gardens from development. His revised London Plan enables boroughs to: ‘introduce a presumption against development on back gardens or other private residential gardens where this can be locally justified’ (GLA, The London Plan 2011, July 2011, p. 86-87, link). Draft guidance also urges councils to prevent garden grabbing: ‘Such a presumption reflects Government’s recognition in PPS3 of the need to provide support for justified, local measures to prevent “garden grabbing”’ (GLA, Draft supplementary planning guidance, December 2011, link).

Investing to transform local high streets

  • Over £2 million for Sutton from the Outer London Fund. Sutton has received an economic boost of £2.73 million from the Outer London Fund (GLA, Outer London Fund –Round Two Grant Funding: Summary of Winners, 12 January 2012). This includes:
    • Almost £835,000 for Hackbridge High Street. Hackbridge High Streetwill receive £834,939 to deliver a series of activities, including shop front improvements, business support and the creation of a sustainable supermarket. This will ensure businesses are given the help to reduce energy use, energy waste and water consumption and create a strategy for green procurement. The project also aims to improve access to the high street and adjacent green spaces to will benefit the local community as well as visitors (ibid.)
    • £700,000 for Mitcham Town Centre. Mitcham Town Centre will receive £714,700 to help regenerate the area through a variety of projects, including public realm improvements and targeted shop front renewals. The Mayor’s funding will also help revitalize Fair Green with public art, ambient lighting and ‘legible London’ signins. A business support programme aims to aid growth assistance and sustain business retention with plans to implement a time banking system. The Mayor’s funding will also enable the refurbishment of vacant retail and office spaces, while promotion and marketing of Mitcham town centre will boost the local economy (ibid.)
    • More than £1.1 million for North Cheam and Worcester Park. North Cheam and Worcester Park are receiving £1,183,710 for a number of projects including a pedestrian way-finding scheme and a temporary art installation at Victoria House. Shop front grants for existing traders will also be made available (ibid.)

Making your streets and homes safer

  • 1,000 more police across London by May and £132 million more investment under Boris. The number of Special Constables has more than doubled from 2,500 to well over 5,000 (GLA, The Mayor’s Consultation Budget, 22 December 2011, link; MPA Website, Police numbers, link; GLA, Mayor’s Final Budget 2011-12, link; Evening Standard, 30 January 2012, link).
  • 821 more patrols per month in Sutton. In 2010-11 there were 821 more patrols per month in Sutton than in 2008-9. (London Assembly, Written answers to Mayoral questions, 22 February 2012, link).
  • Total crime, youth violence and bus crime in Sutton have reduced. Since May 2008, Sutton has seen a 16.1% decrease in total crime, a 36.6% reduction in youth violence and bus crime has fallen 37.5% (MOPC, Monthly Report: Police and Crime Committee, 8 March 2012, May 08 – Jan 12 compared to Aug 04-April 08; MPS Statistics).

Ensuring a true Olympic legacy

  • Boris Johnson has funded five sport participation programmes in Sutton so far. They are (Mayor of London, Sporting future for London, April 2009, p. 9, link):
  • 8 organisations in Sutton are receiving Sports Legacy Programme grants to offer free sports coaching to London (Freesport Programme Website, link).

Investing in transport

  • £13.8 million of funding for local transport in Sutton. Since becoming Mayor, Boris Johnson has invested over £11.7 million to boost local transport in Sutton. In 2012-13 the funding is going towards projects including improving transport choices in Worcester Park and North Cheam, continuing to invest in the upgrade upgrade of a 2km stretch of Beddington Lane and creating new cycling routes on Green Wrythe Lane and Belmont and Brighton Road (TfL, Borough LIP Funding, link; TfL, Press Release, 20 November 2008, link; TfL, Press Release, 11 December 2009, link; TfL, Press Release, 16 December 2010, link ,TfL, Press Release, 15 December 2011, link).


  • Oyster Cards rolled out on national rail. After years of talk under Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson secured the roll-out of Oyster cards onto national rail. Sutton is now the 26th highest oyster- using borough on national rail services (TfL Website, ‘Oyster on National Rail’, December 2009, link).
  • £54 million upgrade of Tramlink. By 2015, £54 million will have been spent upgrading the tram network, investing in ten additional trams and renovating older vehicles. Sutton has 2 Tramlink stations at Beddington Lane and Therapia Lane (BBC News Online, 10 March 2008).


  • Bus service improvements. 17 bus services have been expanded and/or improved in Sutton under Boris Johnson. This includes new buses on eight routes (TfL, Bus Service Changes May 2008 - January 2012).
  • Bendy Buses removed. Nearly 500 new vehicles boasting the latest clean engine technology will replace the Bendy buses. TfL estimates this will save more than £7 million a year (TfL, Press Release, 5 October 2011, link).

Roads and congestion

  • Reviewing traffic lights. 2,000 London traffic light signals have been reviewed since 2009 and a further 1,000 signals are being reviewed in 2011/12 (TfL Website, ‘Smoothing traffic flow’, link). Timings of 29 traffic lights reviewed since 2009 to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in Sutton (TfL, Suggested Signal Removal List, link).


  • 790 total affordable housing units completed in Sutton. 400 social rented and 380 intermediate affordable housing units were completed in Sutton between 2008/09 and 2010/11 (DCLG, Affordable Housing Live Tables 1006,1007,1008).

Mayoral visits

  • Boris Johnson has made more visits to Sutton in four years than Ken Livingstone made in eight. Boris Johnson has visited Sutton five times since July 2008 whilst Ken Livingstone visited Sutton only four times in his eight years as Mayor (GLA, Mayor’s Report to the Assembly, May 2000 (April 2008; GLA, Mayor’s Report to the Assembly, May 2008 March 2012)

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