Uniting Londoners

"Uniting Londoners"Uniting Londoners

I am proud that London is a fantastically diverse city - one city, with all Londoners, regardless of their age, sexuality, religion, gender or race, able to benefit from the progress we have made over the past four years.

It is therefore crucial that the capital has a Mayor who can represent and unite all Londoners, rather than divide communities and play them off against one another. I recognise that there may be aspects of all policies that are particularly important for individual communities, and specific challenges which need addressing.

I also believe that fundamentally most Londoners share the same hopes and aspirations, and it is the responsibility of the Mayor to make progress on these priorities.

And that is what my 9 Point Plan for a Greater London aims to do.

Read Uniting Londoners to find out more about my plans for Greater London

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Boris Johnson Uniting Londoners 2012

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