2008 Manifesto: Protecting Our Local Environment

Please see below for a sample of several of the pledges in this section of the 2008 Manifesto. For the full list of pledges, please download the complete Progress Report.

Making Transport More Sustainable

Making London a cycle-friendly city

"I will make London a genuinely cycle-friendly city by introducing a central London cycle hire scheme and increasing the number of cycle parks."
Status Update: Delivered

As a dedicated cyclist himself, Mayor Boris Johnson notices everyday just how genuinely cycle-friendly London now is. He is proud of the fresh thinking, innovative approach that his administration has taken towards cycling. The Barclays Cycle Hire scheme was rolled out across central London in mid 2010 (link). Four Cycle Superhighway routes have also been opened and four more routes will open in 2013 (link). Between 1 April 2008 and 31 March 2010, over 40,000 cycle parking spaces were delivered across London (link). Boris is also working hard to make cycling in London safer by improving junctions on Cycle Superhighways and has recently launched a major review of other junctions (link).

Lobbying the Government to stop the expansion of Heathrow

"I will lobby the Government to stop the expansion of Heathrow."
Status Update: Delivered

Throughout Boris Johnson’s term as Mayor, he has argued that expanding Heathrow is not in London’s best interests due to its geographic location. Boris stated in 2011 that “noise problems and poor air quality at Heathrow have reached such levels that further increases in the number of air traffic movements there are untenable” (link). The national Government has now also made clear that it does not support the construction of additional runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted airports (link). Despite Boris’s campaign to stop the expansion of Heathrow, he remains a strong supporter of greater aviation capacity for London and has produced two detailed reports on the business case and necessity of London remaining a leading European hub (link).

Reducing traffic emissions by getting London’s traffic flowing better

"I will get London’s traffic flowing better, so reducing traffic emissions."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson’s administration has taken concrete steps to improve congestion in London. 2,000 traffic light signals have been reviewed since 2009 and a further 1,000 signals are being reviewed in 2011/12 (link). Changes made to over 1,000 traffic light signals in 2010 delivered a six per cent reduction in unnecessary delays at traffic signals (link). A list of 145 signals that could be removed was also published in June 2010 and a further 26 were added to the list in November 2011. Out of the 204 suggested removals, 22 have already been removed with removal agreed for another 15 and  80 are currently under discussion with boroughs. It has been agreed between TfL and the boroughs that the remaining 87 signals will be maintained (link).

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