2008 Manifesto: Making London’s Mayor Accountable

Please see below for a sample of several of the pledges in this section of the 2008 Manifesto. For the full list of pledges, please download the complete Progress Report.

Restoring Trust in How City Hall Spends Your Money

Ensuring Londoners pay no more than 38p per week for the Olympics

"I will ensure Londoners pay no more than 38p per week for the Olympics."
Status Update: Delivered

Promise delivered: Mayor Boris Johnson has frozen Council Tax for three consecutive years and has gone one step further and cut it this year. This includes the £20 precept for a band D property that is levied for the Olympic Games, equating to 38p a week for the average London home (link). Boris’s council tax policy stands in stark contrast to the approach under Ken Livingstone which saw the GLA precept of council tax increase by 152 per cent in just eight years, costing the average household £964 (link). Boris has shown that he is dedicated to keeping Londoners’ money in their pockets and making sure that the Olympics is not a financial burden.

Enabling Londoners to view all GLA expenditures over £1,000

"I will enable Londoners to view all GLA expenditures over £1,000 with a comprehensive search engine on the Mayor’s website."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson has been determined to make City Hall as transparent as possible. Now, for the first time, all significant GLA expenditure is published. Since 2008, all GLA expenditure over £1,000 has been published online. In 2010 the reporting threshold was reduced to £500. Boris has also enabled detailed scrutiny of all GLA expenditure via the London Datastore (link). Boris has given Londoners the transparent City Hall they deserve and the tools to see his commitment to streamlining City Hall finances.

Launching a review of City Hall and it’s finances

"I will launch an immediate review of City Hall and its finances within the first 100 days."
Status Update: Delivered

One week after Mayor Boris Johnson was elected as Mayor of London he announced the formation of the Forensic Audit Panel. The Panel first reported in July 2008 (link). It concluded that Ken Livingstone’s LDA ‘misspent’ money ‘on a massive scale, say tens of millions’ (link). Boris Johnson spared no time in discovering the waste he inherited from his predecessor so that he could get to work on cutting back.

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