2008 Manifesto: Making London Safer

Please see below for a sample of several of the pledges in this section of the 2008 Manifesto. For the full list of pledges, please download the complete Progress Report.

Demanding a Police Service Accountable to You

Meeting regularly with the Home Secretary

"I will ask for regular meetings with the Home Secretary to ensure that Whitehall is listening to Londoners’ concerns."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson regularly meets with the Home Secretary and Home Office ministers. His strong relationship with the Government has resulted in extra financial support for the Met, including £90 million to keep officer numbers high (link). Boris Johnson’s influence in Whitehall is important for Londoners. As long as Boris is in office, Londoners’ concerns will be well represented.

Introducing crime mapping

"I will provide local neighbourhoods with New York-style crime maps, to enable residents to hold local police to account."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson’s introduction of crime mapping has opened up local policing to residents, transforming the accountability of the Met (link). The Government has followed London’s lead. In early 2011, the Government launched a UK wide crime map website (link). By providing residents with crime maps they are better able to hold police to account and more involved in the tough fight against crime.

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