2008 Manifesto: Building a Better London

Please see below for a sample of several of the pledges in this section of the 2008 Manifesto. For the full list of pledges, please download the complete Progress Report.

Protecting Green Spaces and Historic Views

Amending the London Plan to protect domestic gardens from new development

"I will amend the London Plan to protect domestic gardens from new development."
Status Update: Delivered

In 2010, the Government changed the definition of brownfield sites so that domestic gardens are not included and no local authority is obliged to build on gardens if it does not want to (link). These changes were reflected in Mayor Boris Johnson’s new 2011 London Plan, under which private residential gardens are no longer classed as previously developed land and boroughs are allowed to introduce a presumption against development on back gardens or other private residential gardens in their Local Development Frameworks (link). Boris has also supported domestic gardens through the Capital Growth Project. 1,032 food gardens have been unveiled with a target of 2,000 spaces by the end of 2012. Grants from City Hall for the gardens range from £200 to £1,000 (link).

Keeping independent, local shops in business

"I will encourage planners to use section 106 to secure affordable units for small, independent shops."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson is dedicated to keeping independent, local shops in business. To this end, the London Plan sets out a new policy to provide and support affordable shop units (link). Boris will continue to help independent shops in every way that he can in order to ensure that local communities throughout Greater London can thrive.

Publishing an outer London development strategy

"I will publish a specific outer London development strategy."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson has ensured that London receives its fair share of funding and focus. The Outer London Commission was established to advise on how outer London can play its role in London’s economic success (link). Boris also appointed Cllr Theresa O’Neill as a dedicated Advisor on Outer Borough Relations on 11 February 2011. She monitors borough activity and regularly meets with outer borough Leaders (link). Boris has ring-fenced money specifically for these areas in the Outer London Fund. Following the submission of over 150 bids in the first and second round of applications, Boris announced the award of nearly £42 million of funding from the Outer London Fund to 23 boroughs across the capital (link).

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