2008 Manifesto: Backing London Business

Please see below for a sample of several of the pledges in this section of the 2008 Manifesto. For the full list of pledges, please download the complete Progress Report.

Providing Training That Businesses Need and Londoners Want

Centralising training and skills provision

"I will cut through bureaucracy and consolidate the Adult Skills agendas and funding organisations in London."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson and his team have centralised the training and skills provision at City Hall with reforms to the London Skills and Employment Board. This allows a more flexible approach to the commissioning of training, and is set out in a report in 2008 (link). Since June 2011, the skills agenda has been taken up by the new London Local Enterprise Partnership (link).

Promoting skills to Londoners through a single branded service

"I will promote skills to Londoners through a single branded service for advice and guidance."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson has prioritised skills promotion amongst Londoners. The new London Local Economic Partnership will be the single branded service for advice on skills and guidance (link). This programme allows Boris and his team to take a more employer led approach to training, creating 40,000 new apprentices and 100,000 planned for the end of 2012 (link).

Listening to employers and Londoners

"I will listen to employers and Londoners."
Status Update: Delivered

As Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has ensured that he is accessible to Londoners and employers. Between November 2008 and November 2011 he held seven People’s Question Times (link). Other platforms have also been embraced to work alongside People’s Question Times such as the 3 Talk London events held so far and the 9 Mayor’s Consultation meetings held on specific issues, including 2 on business and the economy (link). Another example of how Boris and his team listen to London’s businesses is by acting on the results of consultations such as the decision to scrap the Western Extension Zone for the Congestion Charge (link). Quarterly meetings of his London Business Advisory Council alongside annual meetings of his International Business Advisory Council give businesses a further opportunity to raise issues with the Mayor directly (link). This is far more than the statutory minimum of 16 PQTs Ken Livingstone held over his two terms in office (link).

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