2008 Manifesto: Appreciating Our Seniors

Please see below for a sample of several of the pledges in this section of the 2008 Manifesto. For the full list of pledges, please download the complete Progress Report.

Fighting for Essential Services

Supporting local health services

"I will support local health services by campaigning against closures and fighting to save local GP services."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson has persistently and vocally stood up to Government on London’s local health services. This includes meeting with Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, to discuss health service in London and the Health and Inequality Strategy. Boris has joined the public in campaigning to save important facilities such as the children’s heart surgery unit at the Royal Brompton Hospital (link) and the Urgent Care Centre at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Bexley (link).

Protecting Post Offices

"I will campaign to protect Post Offices."
Status Update: Delivered

As soon as Mayor Boris Johnson took office he began lobbying the Government to protect London’s post offices from closure (link). Although the then Labour Government failed to take action to reform the Post Office network, there are currently no plans for a closure programme for the network of 11,500 branches. Further, the Government has announced that the Post Office will receive 1.3 billion over the next four years to reform the network (link).

Encouraging awareness and take-up of entitlements by older people

"I will encourage awareness and take-up of entitlements by older people, especially Council Tax, through a ‘Your Rights’ information campaign."
Status Update: Delivered

Mayor Boris Johnson launched the ‘Know your rights campaign’ in partnership with Age UK, Citizens Advice Bureau and benefit and debt advice agencies in October 2011. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the support available to vulnerable Londoners to help them heat their homes and pay their energy bills during the winter (link). Boris has consistently shown dedication to older people, protecting their rights and extending their benefits wherever he can.

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