Value from the Olympics

Value from the Olympics

This year the capital will experience a summer like no other.

London will become the first city in history to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games three times. It is also the first host city in history to finish building the Olympic stadium a year early – not just ahead of time, but under budget.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are about far more than just six weeks of amazing sport. I have worked to ensure they will lead to lasting economic, social and sporting benefits for London. I have ensured that these are the first Games where a host city has been building in the legacy from the beginning.

However, seven years ago we may have won the Games, but there was a real risk the opportunity they present would be squandered. Costs had quadrupled. There was no legacy plan. Taxpayers’ money was being wasted on unnecessary venues which would have become white elephants, while great venues across the capital were being under utilised or ignored.

I have worked with the Olympic authorities to turn this around, but I plan to go further: I will guarantee that the Olympic Legacy does not cost Londoners a penny more on their council tax. I will also ensure absolute transparency as the legacy plans transfer to the Mayor, requiring all expenditure being published so Londoners know how money is being spent.

Read Value from the Olympics to find out more about my vision for London's Olympic legacy:

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