31 March 2011

WATCH: Boris and Arnie

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger praises Mayor of London Boris Johnson for making the capital a leading city in green economies and environmental issues.

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29 March 2011

Importance of transforming transport

Boris's announcement on the greatest investment in the capital's transport system in 80 years is a major boost for London's commuters. Our Victorian-era underground system had long suffered from neglect and under-investment. This was typified by Labour's disastrous PPP contract which transferred management to Metronet, which went into administration, and TubeLines, which got bought out because they couldn't do the job.

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29 March 2011

Olympic Stadium - on time and under budget

The Olympic Stadium was today completed in record time, on schedule and under budget, in another success for London's Games. Boris Johnson declared construction of the landmark venue finished as the last piece of turf was laid by Olympic officials. Its completion means London broke the world record for completing an Olympic stadium, taking just 1,000 days to complete the 80,000-seat venue. The final £486million bill came in £10 million under budget.

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28 March 2011

Boris praised over police number boost

Mayor Boris Johnson has just received a ringing endorsement for boosting police number in the capital. Boris is ploughing an extra £42million into policing in London this year meaning the Met can start recruiting again – making it the only force in the country to do so. Today, policing minister, Nick Herbert, told Sky News: “It is the Mayor who has been able to deliver for Londoners in relation to pledges such as tackling knife crime, putting uniformed officers on transport.

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24 March 2011

London is open for business

Backing up Boris's efforts to create the most competitive business environment for the capital, yesterday's Budget measures - easing rules on overseas corporate profits and cutting corporation tax by more than expected to 23% - signaled London is open for business.

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23 March 2011

Boris secures London enterprise zone

Boris Johnson has secured another great deal for London from central government in today's Budget.

The capital has just been named in the Budget as the location of one of the country's 11 new enterprise zones. These enterprise zones will help create jobs and opportunities and make London one of the most competitive environments for business in the world.

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21 March 2011

Campaigning masterclass at Bootcamp

Loads of students and graduates from across London got a rallying cry from Mayor Boris Johnson this weekend at the first BackBoris Bootcamp. From the ultra cool Altitude 360 venue, at the top of Millbank Tower, Boris led a packed day which gave young campaigners a masterclass in political campaigning and strategy.

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18 March 2011

BackBoris bootcamp preview

Launching our new website on the day of the Back Boris bootcamp was no coincidence, of course. But little did we know just how important the timing would turn out to be.

Loads of activists are today descending on Altitude, one of the hottest venues in London with its stunning panaoramic views, to help shape the capital's future.

Today's event is just the start of engaging London's younger voters. But if the enthusiasm for this event is anything to go by, they are more than ready to get stuck in.

So oversubscribed were we for today's event we are already relying on this new website to harness their interest. Gauging by this response, London's future is incredibly bright.

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18 March 2011

Get involved!

The eyes of the world are on London, from the royal wedding to the Olympics next year. These are exciting times but they are also serious times too. As the world's financial centres look to drive out of the recession, decisions made now will define London for years to come. Be a part of that and help shape our city's future.

Volunteer for my campaign and play a crucial role in engaging Londoners in the debate of how we drive our city forward. There is a part for everyone to play – no matter how much time you can spare.

Check out our volunteers page and tell us how you can help.

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18 March 2011


Welcome to the brand new BackBoris2012 website! We’re really excited about the new features and layout, so once you’ve had a chance to look around, please let us know what you think.

In addition to making it even easier to view and share content, we’ve added a section right on the front page of the website for you to give your input. Now you can tell the world why you’re backing Boris, as well as share your policy ideas with the campaign team.

Sign up for an Online Activist dashboard where you can access tools to recruit new supporters, create your own events, and download volunteer resources. You'll be able to connect directly with other Back Boris 2012 Online Activists and provide on-the-ground intelligence to the team at campaign HQ. And you'll receive exclusive access to Activist-only updates and contests.

This new site is all about empowering you to share, learn, recruit and organise. So let us know what other features or content you’d like to see, what you think works really well, and what might need improving.

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