25 August 2011

BackBoris CF telephone canvassing

Young activists took over CCHQ last evening for CF's fortnightly BackBoris telecanvassing session.

The team spoke with voters in the Chingford area, listening to their priorities for London and their views on Boris's administration. Given recent events, it was no surprise that crime topped many agendas. The majority of people I spoke with were pleased to hear about Boris’s achievements in this key area: a 9% reduction in crime generally and 20% reduction in the number of burglaries, plus over 1,000 more police on the streets by May 2012 than in May 2008. In my view, the statistics speak for themselves.

By the end of the night, we had a great pile of completed questionnaires and loads of new sign-ups to the campaign! A fun and productive evening was had by all.

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23 August 2011

Leafleting at the Oval

The sun was shining on Sunday morning as England played India in the fourth and final Test match at the Oval in Kennington, and whilst the stands were filling up, Boris Backers were out in force to leaflet the crowds as they entered the stadium. We had a really great turnout, with sixteen young activists making their way down to Kennington to help spread the word about Boris’s achievements – cutting crime, freezing council tax, improving public transport and delivering the Olympic Games on time and on budget.

The response from the crowds was very positive, with the majority of people firmly believing that Boris is taking London in the right direction. If you want to help make sure London keeps moving in the right direction, sign up as an Activist at http://www.backboris2012.com/dashboard.

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22 August 2011

Youth campaign update

The BackBoris youth campaign has had a busy summer so far. Young activists have been out and about across London, campaigning hard to make sure the Mayor of London is re-elected, and the support we’ve got has been magnificent.

We've held successful campaign days throughout London and have loads more planned over the next few months. Our Richmond and Kingston teams leafleted at both the Wimbledon Ladies’ Final and the England vs Wales Rugby match at Twickenham, while in the North, we worked with local teams in Harrow and Enfield to help hold Council Seats in by-elections and get the BackBoris2012 message out at the same time.

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17 June 2011

Birthday campaigning event

A very successful week for the Boris Youth Campaign will be rounded off in style this Sunday, as a series of campaigning events will take place simultaneously across London. We will be hitting five areas of London: Enfield in the north, Croydon in the south, Spitalfields Market in the east, Richmond in the west, and Trafalgar Square in celebration of the Mayor’s birthday.

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14 June 2011

Weekend campaigning near you

The Back Boris youth campaign is ramping things up this weekend with five events across the capital.

There will be a mix of street stalls and campaigning events from Richmond to the City, from Enfield to Croydon and right in the centre with one in Trafalgar Square, where the annual West End Live show is taking place.

It's sure to be a fantastic day, so if you haven't already put your name down for one, why not sign up now?

To get involved in one of our events or to hold your own, get in touch with Nabil Najjar on [email protected].

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07 June 2011

Youth campaign picks up pace

With a hugely enjoyable and successful Campaign Day in Hammersmith under its belt, the Back Boris Youth Campaign is stepping up the pace.

On the 19th of June we will be holding five campaigning sessions in five different areas of London.

This combination of street stalls and leafleting we will see Boris Backers from across London speaking to residents about the Mayor's record in office and their concerns, while also handing out copies of the Record newspaper.

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29 May 2011

Bill Bailey praises Boris for scrapping WEZ

Our canvassing team ran into Bill Bailey on the campaign trail - we managed to grab a photo with him and he praised Boris for scrapping the western extension to the congestion charge

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28 May 2011

Report from H'smith Campaign Day

Cracking day in Hammersmith today. I was one of the hundred or so young BackBoris campaigners who spent most of the day talking to more than a thousand residents. Great to see so many supporting Boris for scrapping the western extension of the c-charge. Many still amazed it was ever introduced - not a single person I spoke to ever wanted it. Also good to see that Boris's freezing of his share of council tax is helping so many families. Some good comments to pass back to campaign HQ as well.

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26 May 2011

Hammersmith Campaign Day | Saturday

Excitement is growing ahead of this weekend’s Back Boris Youth Campaign Day in Hammersmith.

Over a hundred young activists are set to descend on the town centre, talking to local residents and spreading the word about Boris's strong record in office - from putting more police on the streets, cutting crime, securing the biggest upgrade of our transport system in 80-years, creating thousands of jobs and apprenticeships and delivering the Olympics on time and on budget.

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