07 December 2011

Keeping Sutton moving forward

Like many, I have kept a close eye on my spending over the last few difficult years. Boris freezing his share of the council tax in his four years as Mayor has been noticed and is very welcome

Just by cancelling the daily delivery of 40 copies of the Morning Star to City Hall, Boris saved several thousands of pounds each year; money that could be better used to make residents’ lives in Sutton just a little easier.

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21 September 2011

TalkLondon - Sutton

Writing today on the City Hall blog, Mayor Boris Johnson invites Londoners to TalkLondon in Sutton tomorrow night to share their views on rebuilding community spirit, crime and the Met Police:

Just over a week ago, I was delighted to announce the appointment of Bernard Hogan-Howe as the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Bernard has a fantastic track record in cracking down on crime, and I was particularly impressed by his promise to build a Met that criminals fear and the police are proud of.

He has also promised to make the Met more open and transparent, and to restore the public’s faith in the institution after a challenging summer.

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