31 October 2011

October Action Days

This weekend Boris Backers from across the capital held Action Days all over London.

Joined by GLA members and candidates, as well as local councillors, the volunteers took to the streets to spread the word about Boris's strong record as Mayor.

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01 September 2011

Share your views on London

By Boris Johnson

A pretty great Londoner (William Shakespeare) once asked: 'What is the city but the people?' before answering: 'The people are the city'. London is the best big city in the world largely because of the people who live in it - you. That is why we want to know how you would take it forward.

As I hope you can tell from this questionnaire we are very proud of what we have achieved over the last three of years. For instance, we froze the Mayor’s share of council tax making taxpayers’ money go further than before. And we have ramped up the fight against crime which is now down by 9% making London the safest it has been for a decade.

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