24 January 2012

Boris cutting crime with more police on the streets

Boris Johnson today said that one of his proudest achievements as Mayor of London has been cutting crime by more than 10% and increasing police numbers on local streets.

Speaking on LBC’s Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show this morning, Mayor Johnson said: “Crime figures are down compared with Ken Livingstone and we’ve had to do it in the teeth of a recession. Crime has come down more than 10% overall. Murder is down almost 25% since I’ve become Mayor. I’m very proud of that. That’s because of more police.”

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17 June 2011

And now the facts: more police - and less crime

Fascinating piece by Deputy Mayor for Policing Kit Malthouse in the Evening Standard today and well worth a read.

The safety of London's streets has become a hot topic recently and it is worth a quick recap of how things were in May 2008, when Boris was voted in as Mayor. Crime was one of London's most pressing issues - robberies were increasing; violent crime as up; gun crime was up; 27 teenagers were murdered in 2007 alone.

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