06 March 2012

Call for Boris!

By Kimberlee Ponson

We had a great turn out at last Thursday's BackBoris2012 phone canvassing session when Baroness Warsi, Co-Chair of the Conservative Party, joined us to make calls and thank volunteers for our efforts.

Everyone enjoyed talking to voters and hearing their thoughts on London. Most of the people I spoke with were supportive of the Mayor and pledged to vote on the 3rd of May to ensure he's re-elected.

Volunteering for the campaign is really exciting. But there is still a lot of work to be done, so every bit of help is needed. We must keep working hard with the phone calls and door to door canvassing so we can get the word out about what is at stake in this election. On the 3rd of May, every vote counts, so join us today.



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22 February 2012

BackBoris phone canvassing

On Monday, I had a great time at Conservative HQ phoning Londoners about their priorities for London and to see what they thought of Boris. There was an extra buzz in the room because Boris was there in person and so it gave us all an even greater sense of urgency and purpose to what we were doing!

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30 January 2012

Phone canvassing Enfield North

On Thursday we called over 1,000 homes in Enfield North from the BackBoris2012 call centre. Yes, 1,000 homes in our constituency, a key priority for the Mayoral elections and a marginal that we are permanently campaigning in.

With 30 canvassers hitting the phones, over a two and a half hour period we covered homes in all of our target wards, learning about residents key concerns and hearing a heartening level of support for Boris. There was also a large level of hostility raised to the Labour council's ridiculous introduction of Sunday parking charges, showing that our local campaigning is resonating with voters.

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17 January 2012

BackBoris/CF New Year phone canvassing

Last night we made hundreds of calls to voters across London as 30 activists gathered to get out the message about Boris's achievement's as Mayor - including cutting crime, investing in transport, freezing council tax, delivering the Olympics on time and under budget and creating opportunities for young people.

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30 November 2011

Join the phone canvassing team!

Last night I attended the first of many BackBoris2012 telephone canvassing sessions at their new call centre in Canary Wharf. Enthusiastic volunteers came from across London to connect with voters over Boris’s achievements and their opinions on the capital's future.

Fuelled by the provisions laid on by the BackBoris team, I made loads of calls to voters and, from what I could hear, the other new canvassers did a fantastic job spreading the word about the Mayor's record.

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