13 October 2011

Londoners to have greater say in the Royal Parks

Boris Johnson announced this week that a new board for the Royal Parks will be appointed by the Mayor to strengthen the ways in which Londoners can have a voice in the oversight and management of these great assets.

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22 June 2011

A different politician

From Lynton Crosby, BackBoris2012 Campaign Director:

When I signed on as Campaign Director for Boris's campaign back in 2008, it was immediately clear to me that he stood out as a real character. He was distinctive, unifying and brimming with ideas.  And after 8 long years of Ken Livingstone's misrule, Londoners were eager for a new approach in City Hall.

Just 3 years later, Boris has delivered on his promises to voters: Freezing his share of council tax compared to Ken's 153% rise; putting more police on the beat and reducing crime by nearly 9% across London; securing unprecedented Crossrail and Tube upgrades; and delivering Olympics venues on time and under budget.

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29 May 2011

Bill Bailey praises Boris for scrapping WEZ

Our canvassing team ran into Bill Bailey on the campaign trail - we managed to grab a photo with him and he praised Boris for scrapping the western extension to the congestion charge

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26 May 2011

Hammersmith Campaign Day | Saturday

Excitement is growing ahead of this weekend’s Back Boris Youth Campaign Day in Hammersmith.

Over a hundred young activists are set to descend on the town centre, talking to local residents and spreading the word about Boris's strong record in office - from putting more police on the streets, cutting crime, securing the biggest upgrade of our transport system in 80-years, creating thousands of jobs and apprenticeships and delivering the Olympics on time and on budget.

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23 May 2011

Boris trends on Twitter

There was an overwhelming response to Boris Johnson's first ever Twitter Q&A session. The #AskBoris hashtag, used to submit questions, trended in London and reached more than 700,000 people.

Questions ranged from the personal to the political during the half hour session - with transport and cycling two popular topics.

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19 May 2011

Olympics venue up for Building of the Year

London's Olympic Games are already up for an award after one of the key venues was selected to compete for Building of the Year.

The Velodrome, with its distinctive sweeping roof and pale pink cladding, was included in the long list for the award, after winning a design award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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19 May 2011

Get involved | Hammersmith Campaign Day

Hammersmith is set to see one of the biggest campaign days of the year so far with well over a hundred enthusiastic young Boris supporters expected to turn out. Next Saturday, 28th May, energetic young people from across London will descend on Hammersmith to engage with local residents and show why Boris is the Mayor for young Londoners.  It looks set to be a great time for all involved with campaigners ending the day watching the Champions League final between Man Utd and Barcelona at a local pub.

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18 May 2011

Boris Johnson leads country in jobs drive

Mayor Boris Johnson is set to meet his target of creating 3,000 apprenticeships throughout the GLA group and its suppliers by 2012.

It comes as figures show in the last year more than 1,100 people joined apprenticeship schemes run by the GLA Group and its contractors, while Boris has also ensured jobs for more than 1,000 unemployed people in the past 12 months by requiring GLA suppliers to deliver job and training opportunities as part of the conditions of winning a contract.

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05 May 2011

Boris renews calls for strike rule change

UPDATE - Speaking in Parliament earlier today, Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond condemned as "highly irresponsible" the RMT's planned strikes.

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28 March 2011

Boris praised over police number boost

Mayor Boris Johnson has just received a ringing endorsement for boosting police number in the capital. Boris is ploughing an extra £42million into policing in London this year meaning the Met can start recruiting again – making it the only force in the country to do so. Today, policing minister, Nick Herbert, told Sky News: “It is the Mayor who has been able to deliver for Londoners in relation to pledges such as tackling knife crime, putting uniformed officers on transport.

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