17 January 2012

BackBoris on Campus in 2012

As the BackBoris campaign moves into the last few months and Election Day rapidly approaches, the BackBoris on campus is picking up even more momentum. Off the back of a spectacularly successful Fresher’s Fair campaign, where we signed up well over two thousand activists, and three months of solid campaigning, the pace is ratcheting up.

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09 December 2011

Call from home for BB2012

John Moss, candidate for the City & East London Assembly seat, blogs about how telephone canvassing helped win for Boris in 2008.

What could be easier than sitting at home with a cup of tea and making a few phone calls? Well, that's exactly what a few hundred people did in 2008 and in doing so, helped Boris to beat Ken Livingstone.

I joined the campaign team full time in March 2008 and was asked if I could make anything of “a few people who’ve offered to make calls from home”. By polling day, over 600 people had signed up.

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30 November 2011

Join the phone canvassing team!

Last night I attended the first of many BackBoris2012 telephone canvassing sessions at their new call centre in Canary Wharf. Enthusiastic volunteers came from across London to connect with voters over Boris’s achievements and their opinions on the capital's future.

Fuelled by the provisions laid on by the BackBoris team, I made loads of calls to voters and, from what I could hear, the other new canvassers did a fantastic job spreading the word about the Mayor's record.

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