10 April 2012

Boris speech marks official campaign launch

This morning marked the official launch of my campaign for re-election. I delivered a speech to a packed house in Richmond and wanted to share it with you:

Good morning and thanks for coming.

This election is being fought when Britain has been brought to the brink of bankruptcy. When Londoners have been going through some of the toughest times that we can remember and when the choice is between going back to the high tax, high spending creed of a bunch of taxpayer funded, Châteauneuf-du-Pape swilling, Outer London ignoring, car hating, semi-reformed Trotsyisksts and bendy bus fetishists whose approach to Government helped to get this country into this economic mess;

Or going forward with sensible, moderate and cost-effective government that invests in our future. That creates the conditions for business to grow. And that delivers on its promises.

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25 July 2011

Organiser "bootcamp" a big success

This weekend, the BackBoris 2012 campaign held another in a series of weekly bootcamps to train campaign organisers.

Campaign staff and organisers from across London gathered on Saturday to discuss how to engage voters in the coming months. The organisers brought great ideas and enthusiasm to the session, and we're excited to have such an energised and active group involved in the campaign.

To find out more about how you can get involved and connect with fellow supporters in your area, please sign up to volunteer:


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17 June 2011

BackBoris telephone canvassing

Yesterday evening Boris Backers manned the phones at a canvassing session in central London to spread the word about Boris Johnson’s record as Mayor and to listen to the concerns of Londoners.

In two and a half hours, we made hundreds of calls. A large majority of respondents were very positive about Boris’s time in charge and keen to see it continue. We even had several requests from people keen to join the campaign as volunteers!

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06 June 2011

Camden Record

I’ve just received my copy of the Camden Record and I have to say, I didn’t realise that crime had fallen so much under Boris. And knowing there are more police on the streets has made me feel safer in my neighbourhood. It was also good to have the transport upgrades explained, telling me what is happening in my borough and on the services I use.

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02 June 2011

Lewisham Record

A copy of the Lewisham Boris Record came through my letterbox today. What a great way of finding out about the Mayor's achievements - I didn't realise he'd done so much. From freezing his share of council tax to putting more police on the streets, Boris's policies have had a really positive impact on me personally, as well as my local area.

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21 March 2011

Campaigning masterclass at Bootcamp

Loads of students and graduates from across London got a rallying cry from Mayor Boris Johnson this weekend at the first BackBoris Bootcamp. From the ultra cool Altitude 360 venue, at the top of Millbank Tower, Boris led a packed day which gave young campaigners a masterclass in political campaigning and strategy.

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