23 November 2011

Progress in Camden

Since Boris Johnson became Mayor in 2008 the positive changes he’s made to Camden have been clear for all to see.

The first is definitely the amount of police around the area - there is no doubt that the London riots were a real shock, and reminded you how much difference a significant police presence makes. Seeing more police on the streets, especially in busy areas such as Camden High Street, has made me feel safer, particularly late at night when me and my mates come out of the pub.

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06 June 2011

Camden Record

I’ve just received my copy of the Camden Record and I have to say, I didn’t realise that crime had fallen so much under Boris. And knowing there are more police on the streets has made me feel safer in my neighbourhood. It was also good to have the transport upgrades explained, telling me what is happening in my borough and on the services I use.

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