23 January 2012

Calling from home is easy (and fun)!

I think Boris is doing a great job as Mayor of London and I really wanted to help out in the campaign to get him re-elected.

Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to get into London to lend a hand with on-the-street campaigning, so I decided to do my bit by signing up to ‘call from home’. As soon as I got my password, I was able to start making calls and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was!

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09 December 2011

Call from home for BB2012

John Moss, candidate for the City & East London Assembly seat, blogs about how telephone canvassing helped win for Boris in 2008.

What could be easier than sitting at home with a cup of tea and making a few phone calls? Well, that's exactly what a few hundred people did in 2008 and in doing so, helped Boris to beat Ken Livingstone.

I joined the campaign team full time in March 2008 and was asked if I could make anything of “a few people who’ve offered to make calls from home”. By polling day, over 600 people had signed up.

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