05 May 2011

Boris renews calls for strike rule change

UPDATE - Speaking in Parliament earlier today, Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond condemned as "highly irresponsible" the RMT's planned strikes.

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19 April 2011

Transforming transport

Mayor of London Boris Johnson today strengthened his top team at City Hall as he delivers an unprecedented transformation of the capital's transport network. Isabel Dedring will become Deputy Mayor for Transport, while Deputy Chairman of Transport for London Daniel Moylan, who will work with the Mayor to deliver key projects, will increase his time commitment from two to four days a week.

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31 March 2011

WATCH: Boris and Arnie

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger praises Mayor of London Boris Johnson for making the capital a leading city in green economies and environmental issues.

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28 March 2011

Boris praised over police number boost

Mayor Boris Johnson has just received a ringing endorsement for boosting police number in the capital. Boris is ploughing an extra £42million into policing in London this year meaning the Met can start recruiting again – making it the only force in the country to do so. Today, policing minister, Nick Herbert, told Sky News: “It is the Mayor who has been able to deliver for Londoners in relation to pledges such as tackling knife crime, putting uniformed officers on transport.

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