29 September 2011

BackBoris/CF telephone canvassing

Guest post from Peter Cuthbertson, London CF Phone Canvassing Coordinator

Earlier this week, Co-Chair of the Conservative Party Sayeeda Warsi joined London CF volunteers as they rang voters across the capital to hear their views on London and share Boris Johnson's proud record.

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26 September 2011

Freshers Fair - KCL & Westminster

The newly created King's College London BackBoris society signed up over 400 new Boris Backers over two days at the KCL Fresher’s Fair!

Dressed in the latest Back Boris t-shirts, an enthusiastic group of King’s students distributed leaflets and the incredibly popular BackBoris2012 oyster card holders to freshers, current students and members of staff.  The student body at King’s were incredibly receptive to Boris as the KCL BackBoris society stole a march on Labour with Ken supporters nowhere to be seen.

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23 September 2011

Freshers Fair - Brunel

Brunel's BackBoris team welcomed thousands of new students to campus at the university's Freshers Fair on Tuesday. The sun was shining in Uxbridge as we spread the word about what Mayor Johnson has done for London.

Armed with piles of Oyster Card holders, leaflets, posters, and the brand new BackBoris2012 t-shirts, we signed up loads of enthusiastic supporters.

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21 September 2011

TalkLondon - Sutton

Writing today on the City Hall blog, Mayor Boris Johnson invites Londoners to TalkLondon in Sutton tomorrow night to share their views on rebuilding community spirit, crime and the Met Police:

Just over a week ago, I was delighted to announce the appointment of Bernard Hogan-Howe as the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Bernard has a fantastic track record in cracking down on crime, and I was particularly impressed by his promise to build a Met that criminals fear and the police are proud of.

He has also promised to make the Met more open and transparent, and to restore the public’s faith in the institution after a challenging summer.

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20 September 2011

Freshers Fair - UEL

Over 50 new supporters and volunteers joined the campaign at the University of East London's Freshers Fair last week.

A group of us went along to spread the word about BackBoris2012, recruit new volunteers and hand out the ever-popular campaign Oyster card holders. We talked to loads of enthusiastic new students, giving them information on upcoming events and how to start a supporters group on their campus.

We're all looking forward to Freshers Fairs across the capital in the days and weeks to come - hope to see you there!

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05 September 2011

One month on

This weekend marked a month since the London riots and we wanted to report to you on what Mayor Boris Johnson has done to put London back on track.

He has met hundreds of victims, community and business leaders and made 15 visits to the worst-affected areas. From these, he has developed and is now putting in place a five-point plan which targets the effects of the riots and tackles the causes to ensure such scenes are never witnessed again.

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04 September 2011

That really was a cheap shot

In a letter published in today's Observer, the Mayor of London makes clear that it was not his decision to exclude shooting events from the Get Set Ticketshare programme for schoolchildren:

I'm writing in response to your report that the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic shooting events would be excluded from the Get Set Ticketshare scheme.

I am happy to clarify that this story was based on inaccurate reporting of my position. I do not support a ban on tickets for shooting or any other Olympic or Paralympic sports. This decision was taken by the London 2012 Organising Committee (Locog) following consultation with teachers.

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01 September 2011

Share your views on London

By Boris Johnson

A pretty great Londoner (William Shakespeare) once asked: 'What is the city but the people?' before answering: 'The people are the city'. London is the best big city in the world largely because of the people who live in it - you. That is why we want to know how you would take it forward.

As I hope you can tell from this questionnaire we are very proud of what we have achieved over the last three of years. For instance, we froze the Mayor’s share of council tax making taxpayers’ money go further than before. And we have ramped up the fight against crime which is now down by 9% making London the safest it has been for a decade.

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28 August 2011

£12 for 2012 donor meeting

Having seen what Boris has achieved so far, I decided to show my backing by making a donation to the BackBoris2012 re-election campaign. I was fortunate to be picked out of a hat amongst a few other people to meet him. I found Boris a very friendly and down to earth man who is passionate about London, its people and businesses.

He explained what he is doing to get normality to the areas affected by the riots and improve London’s image on the international scene. He answered questions on various topics including putting more police on the streets, cutting crime, making the Olympics a success and his lane rental scheme for cutting congestion. Having met Boris, I am now even a stronger supporter of him and recommend everyone to support and vote for him.

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25 August 2011

BackBoris CF telephone canvassing

Young activists took over CCHQ last evening for CF's fortnightly BackBoris telecanvassing session.

The team spoke with voters in the Chingford area, listening to their priorities for London and their views on Boris's administration. Given recent events, it was no surprise that crime topped many agendas. The majority of people I spoke with were pleased to hear about Boris’s achievements in this key area: a 9% reduction in crime generally and 20% reduction in the number of burglaries, plus over 1,000 more police on the streets by May 2012 than in May 2008. In my view, the statistics speak for themselves.

By the end of the night, we had a great pile of completed questionnaires and loads of new sign-ups to the campaign! A fun and productive evening was had by all.

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