07 November 2011

More police officers on Havering's streets

With less than six months to go before London goes to the polls to elect its next Mayor I urge all Londoners to remember the many great achievements of our current mayor Boris Johnson.

And here in Havering, Boris is making a difference and taking our borough forward. We have benefited from a freeze in council tax payments, much welcomed in these tough times and very different from the 153% rise imposed by Ken Livingstone.

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04 November 2011

Thanks to Boris we have more allotments in B&D

Over the last 15 years, Barking and Dagenham council 'land grabbed' a lot of our local allotment sites - often to sell to developers. But that all changed with the introduction of Boris' Capital Growth scheme. It aims to have 2,012 growing sites by 2012. I'm proud that my local site in Reed Road is one of many to benefit.

We have been able to upgrade the original site, to create an area where plot holders can come together, to relax, chat, and form a real community spirit.

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03 November 2011

Six months to go - Show your support!

In six months Londoners will elect the Mayor who will govern their city until 2016.

Boris Johnson needs your help to be re-elected on 3 May 2012 and to keep the capital moving in the right direction.

London has come a long way since Boris became Mayor as he delivers on his promises to make London safer, invest in a creaking transport network to make it more reliable and keep the cost of living down.

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13 October 2011

Londoners to have greater say in the Royal Parks

Boris Johnson announced this week that a new board for the Royal Parks will be appointed by the Mayor to strengthen the ways in which Londoners can have a voice in the oversight and management of these great assets.

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01 September 2011

Share your views on London

By Boris Johnson

A pretty great Londoner (William Shakespeare) once asked: 'What is the city but the people?' before answering: 'The people are the city'. London is the best big city in the world largely because of the people who live in it - you. That is why we want to know how you would take it forward.

As I hope you can tell from this questionnaire we are very proud of what we have achieved over the last three of years. For instance, we froze the Mayor’s share of council tax making taxpayers’ money go further than before. And we have ramped up the fight against crime which is now down by 9% making London the safest it has been for a decade.

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04 August 2011

Boris RE:NEWs London homes

As part of Boris’s pledge to ease Londoners’ financial burdens and improve the quality of life in the capital, the Mayor unveiled his RE:NEW energy efficient programme which will cut fuel bills for tens of thousands of Londoners.

Through RE:NEW, a free energy efficiency makeover will be given to 55,000 homes across the capital. During May 2012, parts of Barking and Dagenham, Hackney, Lewisham and Waltham Forest, will be retrofitted so that Londoners can save £100s on their annual fuel and energy bills.

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28 July 2011

'Boris Bikes' turn 1

Today was the first anniversary of the immensely popular Barclays Cycle scheme. As the rickshaw is synonymous with Dhaka and the gondola with Venice, now London has the 'Boris Bike'.

The Mayor was at the Shepherd's Bush Westfield shopping centre today to celebrate the expansion westward of the cycle hire scheme. I was lucky enough to see Boris there and hear him speak about his plans for the cycle hire scheme's future:

"The idea is a tank strategy." This left some of us confused, but he swiftly went on to explain that his aim is to expand the bike scheme into the outer reaches of London and the Shepherd's Bush extension is just the start.

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31 March 2011

WATCH: Boris and Arnie

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger praises Mayor of London Boris Johnson for making the capital a leading city in green economies and environmental issues.

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