23 November 2011

Progress in Camden

Since Boris Johnson became Mayor in 2008 the positive changes he’s made to Camden have been clear for all to see.

The first is definitely the amount of police around the area - there is no doubt that the London riots were a real shock, and reminded you how much difference a significant police presence makes. Seeing more police on the streets, especially in busy areas such as Camden High Street, has made me feel safer, particularly late at night when me and my mates come out of the pub.

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22 November 2011

Croydon deserves a champion like Boris

There’s no escaping that Croydon has a much-maligned public image – from mocking quips in shows like Blackadder to the eponymous ‘Croydon Facelift’. It can be difficult to find the good in a town like ours and to find the energy required to tackle our issues. But tackle them Boris has.
Boris is ensuring that Croydon isn’t stuck in the past by spearheading a regeneration revolution. Under the Mayor the town has seen £400,000 worth of funds given to Wandle Park to make it better for residents. He’s also ensured that £516,000 has been given to New Addington to help the high street’s potential for growth and development.

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18 November 2011

Crime on London buses continues to fall

New figures show a continued fall in crime on the capital’s transport network.

Thanks to a significant investment by Boris Johnson in transport policing and a commitment to improving safety and security, bus crime is now at its lowest rate in over seven years. There was a 9.4% overall reduction in the first half of 2011/12.

Between April and September 2011, ‘violence against the person’ offences on buses were down 14.2%, theft was down 11.7%, and criminal damage was down 14.4%. Similarly, figures for the Tube and DLR fell by 4.1%, with ‘violence against the person’ down 9.2% and criminal damage down 37.5%.

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17 November 2011

Hounslow benefits from Boris's achievements

One of the best things about London is that it is a real microcosm of different cultures and beliefs. The borough of Hounslow is a perfect example of this diversity. Stretching from Chiswick in the east to Feltham in the west it takes in a huge variety of communities. Many of these communities have differing needs but they are united in what they need from their infrastructure and what they need from their mayor.

For me personally one of the most important things is public transport, and it's great to see Boris driving through the investment programme. My daily commute from Chiswick to Heathrow takes in the length of the borough and involves two buses and two tubes so it is crucial for me that it works efficiently.

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16 November 2011

Boris's vision drives Ealing forward

With the London Mayoral election less than six months away, I'm asking myself the big question: What is Boris doing for Ealing?

And I'm pleased to say he is making a difference here in this large diverse borough which stretches from Southall in the west through Northolt, Greenford, central and south Ealing to Acton in the east.

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15 November 2011

Boris stands up for Tower Hamlets

Boris Johnson brings hope and unity to London. I have an abiding memory of Boris cycling along Whitechapel Road to a meeting. People came out of shops and buses stopped as Londoners cheered on their Mayor. In contrast Ken Livingstone came to Tower Hamlets to play politics - campaigning for an Independent candidate opposing his own Labour Party in a divisive local election.

Boris has not once raised his share of council tax. Ken Livingstone raised council tax every one of his 8 years as Mayor - costing the average household in London £963.58. Livingstone also cynically promised fare reductions before elections, before hiking them afterwards.

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14 November 2011

Boris delivers for Newham

As I go round Newham I can see exactly where Boris Johnson has made a big difference since he became Mayor just three and a half years ago.

Boris has delivered on his promises to tackle crime and keep taxes low. In Newham, crime is down. We now see more police patrolling the streets, and we feel safer as a result. Overall crime is down by more than 6% and robbery by almost 15%. Most importantly - considering the tragic spate of youth murders in 2007/08 -  youth violence is down by almost 17%.

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11 November 2011

Why, as a Southwark mum, I'm Backing Boris

Ever noticed how drab those old TV series of your youth – assuming you’re of a certain age – seem now? Catching a repeat of ‘Miss Marple’ (the Joan Hickson one) I was struck by how poor the sound was, how faded the setting and the near monochromatic colour.
What does this have to do with Boris Johnson? As a mum bringing up two children in Southwark, for me, it’s not just about facts and figures. Any politician can do those. It’s about what you feel and see with your own eyes.
And I can’t help comparing the buzz London has now with the drab, monochrome divide-and-rule atmosphere of the previous incumbent. I remember his 1980s GLC incarnation, too, which was even worse.

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09 November 2011

I welcome Boris’ improvements to front-line policing in Lambeth

In Lambeth, the benefits of having Boris Johnson as Mayor are very practical and highly noticeable.

In my local park, a friend works with neighbours on a “grow-your-own” vegetable plot. The social and environmental benefits of bringing city dwellers closer to nature and the food chain are immense. So I am pleased that Boris has created over 80 green spaces in Lambeth alone that will allow similar schemes. 

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08 November 2011

Harrow has benefited from Boris's hard work

Harrow is one of the most diverse areas of London, with residents from all walks of life contributing to the borough.

I remember feeling very neglected by Ken Livingstone and many Harrow residents felt the same. His focus on the ‘inner boroughs’ really did annoy people here. But since Boris has been Mayor we have benefited from his hard work, and his dedication to ensure that all boroughs receive the attention they deserve has not gone unnoticed.

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