23 March 2012

Join the BackBoris Battle Bus!

By Taz Campbell, Tower Hamlets

I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to the Back Boris Borough Battle Bus!

What did it? Simple: Who we are and what we love.

My first trip on the Boris Bus came on Wednesday to Brent. I wasn't sure what or whom to expect when I arrived, but as we boarded and drove off, it became clear that we were in for a day of hard work and great fun.

And then, the Mayor joined us. As usual...he was on fire! The atmosphere was great and fueled by our group's enthusiasm.

We came in different colours, genders, accents, lifestyles and sizes. We were white, black and everything in between. We came from as far away as Essex and Los Angeles, dressed in suits, in jeans, in skirts. Women, men, UK-born, overseas-born, gay, straight - our languages were many, our message was one: Back Boris and his 9 point plan to secure a Greater London.

We love London with all our hearts.

So I'm getting back on the bus next Wednesday and I hope to meet even more of you and share in a great day of a common goal...loving London even more.

Love London? Back Boris 2012 and join us on the bus!

Tomorrow: http://www.backboris2012.com/events/details/BusMar24
Monday: http://www.backboris2012.com/events/details/BusMar26

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22 March 2012

A Budget for London's commuters

Boris Johnson was at Wimbledon station today discussing vital improvements to suburban rail services, including longer trains and upgraded stations.

The Mayor is on track to secure these improvements – foreshadowed in yesterday’s Budget – following successful negotiations with Government.

The Budget backed Boris’s long-term plan to improve suburban rail services for the millions of the capital’s commuters who rely on them, by helping to deliver longer trains on key commuter routes and increased capacity at suburban rail stations.

Point 9 of Boris’s 9 point plan for Greater London is pledging to secure a better deal from Number 10 and this Budget demonstrates he’s the best candidate to lobby –and deliver – for Londoners.

Boris Johnson said: “Millions of Londoners rely on suburban rail services every day and they will attest that the service does not always meet expectation.

“By working constructively with Government we secured £22billion to upgrade the Tube and build Crossrail, despite the tough economic conditions, and that vital investment is already having an impact on cutting delays, speeding up Londoners’ daily journeys and growing London’s economy.

“Yesterday’s announcement means we are now on track to secure the investment which will transform suburban rail service, including longer trains and upgraded stations, and I look forward to working constructively with Government to deliver those improvements.”

The new commitments build on Boris Johnson’s success in securing £22 billion to invest in London's transport, including funding for Crossrail and the Tube upgrades.

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21 March 2012

This Budget backs London

Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his Budget to the House of Commons.

This is a Budget for jobs, growth and investment. It will make London more competitive and more attractive to business.

Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his Budget to the House of Commons.

This is a Budget for jobs, growth and investment. It will make London more competitive and more attractive to business.

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21 March 2012

Why Polish Londoners should register to vote

By Przemek Skwirczynski, Conservative Friends of Poland

Weź sprawy w swoje ręce i zdecyduj, kto będzie rządził Londynem przez kolejne cztery lata!

Szczególnie Ci z nas, którzy przyjechali do Londynu w trakcie ostatniej dekady są często zbyt zapracowani i zajęci rodziną, żeby pamiętać o czynnym udziale w lokalnych wyborach, pomimo, że jako Polacy wszyscy jesteśmy uprawnieni do glosowania.  Żeby ułatwić rejestrację wyborców Electoral Commission (tzn. Komisja Wyborcza) stworzyła portal www.aboutmyvote.co.uk. Oczywiście nadal możemy rejestrować się w tradycyjny sposób, zapisując się na Electoral Roll, czego można dokonać poprzez Council (Urząd Dzielnicowy) – pocztą lub poprzez stronę internetową Urzędu.

Jesteśmy bardzo liczną i rozpoznawalną mniejszością w Londynie i możemy mieć rzeczywisty wpływ na władzę w mieście. Co więcej, uważam, że jak najbardziej powinniśmy tę siłę wykorzystać i spowodować wybór najbardziej korzystnego dla nas kandydata. W końcu ogromna większość z nas ciężko pracuje – czy to prowadząc własne interesy, czy będąc zatrudnionymi w firmach – a zatem płaci podatki, o rozgospodarowaniu których możemy właśnie decydować oddając głosy w wyborach. Ponadto, pokolenie Polaków, które przyjechało do Londynu w trakcie ostanich lat, zakłada obecnie rodziny, a więc nagle sprawy szkolnictwa, bezpieczeństwa, czystości, czy transportu zaczynają mieć dla nas większe znaczenie. O tych sprawach również decydują władze lokalne – w naszym przypadku Mer Londynu.

Podsumowując, do 18. kwietnia możemy rejestrować się na liście wyborców do majowych wyborów Mera Londynu, ale żeby uniknąć komplikacji proponuję rejestrować się już. Poza tym, jeżeli chcecie, podobnie jak ja, by Londyn nadal wspierał przedsiębiorczość, żeby podatki ( w tym council tax) były utrzymywane na poziomie minimalnym, żeby było bezpieczniej poprzez zwiększoną obecność policji, żeby szkoły stawały się coraz lepsze i inwestowano więcej w miejski transport – wtedy zapoznajcie się bardziej szczegółowo z obecnymi dokonaniami oraz programem Borisa na kolejne cztery lata.


English translation:

Take matters into your own hands and decide who will run London for the next four years!

Although as Poles we are all entitled to vote, we often find that we are too busy with work or family matters to remember to take part in the local elections – this may be especially true of those of us who came to live in London over the past decade. With that in mind and in order to facilitate the registration of voters the Election Commission has created a portal called www.aboutmyvote.co.uk. We can of course still register in traditional ways - by enrolling on the Electoral Roll - either by post, or through our local council website.

We are a very large and visible minority in London and as such we could have a real impact on the city’s authorities. I believe that we should take advantage of this strength and influence the election of the candidate who is most aligned with our needs. Vast majority of us work hard running our own businesses or working for companies, and hence contributing a lot in tax revenues - we can decide on how these are spent by casting our votes in elections. Moreover, the generation of young Poles who came to London over the recent years may now or soon be starting their families, which is why such matters as education, safety, clean streets and transport are gaining importance. These issues are largely a responsibility of the local authorities - in our case: the Mayor of London.

In summary, you can register to vote on 3 May 2012 London Mayor elections by 18 April, but to avoid disappointment I advise you to register now. Besides, if (like me) you want London to welcome entrepreneurship, with taxes (including council tax) kept at minimum, better safety due to increased police presence, proper schools and an increased investment in London’s transport, then take a closer look at the to-date achievements and Boris’s programme for the next four years.

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21 March 2012

New name, same Boris

'In 2008 Boris Johnson promised the most transparent administration in Britain after years of cronyism and maladministration in City Hall.

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20 March 2012

Creating 200,000 new jobs

Mayor Boris Johnson today outlined his plan to create 200,000 new jobs over the next four years.

Speaking at the GBE Services manufacturing plant in Bexley, Boris elaborated on point 3 of his 9 point plan for a Greater London, highlighting that investment is at the heart of his strategy for job creation in Greater London.

By Boris Johnson

Londoners are going through one of the toughest periods in recent memory. This is made worse by the fact that London has always been an expensive city to live in.

Even during the good times, people were feeling the squeeze. This was made more acute by City Hall council tax rises under Ken Livingstone of 152% that cost the average London household an extra £964 and record increases in fares by him, despite promises there wouldn’t be.

This election comes at a critical time for London. The decisions we make now will determine whether the lives of Londoners improve and whether we will get through the tough times.

Above all, what Londoners need is jobs.

That’s the real answer to the rising cost of living and the uncertainty we all face. We need those in a job to feel secure in it. And we need those without a job to stand a much better chance of landing one.

This is why point 3 of my 9 point plan to secure Greater London’s future is to create 200,000 jobs over the next four years.

How will we deliver this? By investing. Investing in transport infrastructure, local high streets, house building and a true Olympic legacy.

In total my plan to create 200,000 jobs is made possible by around £25 billion worth of investment that I have secured for London.

But this investment – and the jobs it creates – would be put at risk if Ken

Livingstone wins on 3 May.

He has already admitted that his scheme would take £1bn of funding away from the transport budget and independent experts have confirmed that London’s transport finances would be put at risk.

And further investment for London would be at risk from a man who could not even work constructively with his own party when they were in government.

That is the choice at this election. Between my 9 point plan that is investing in jobs or a return to Ken Livingstone, who will take London back to his waste, high taxes, broken promises and Bob Crow and his union cronies back at City Hall.

Click below to download Boris Johnson's Jobs Plan

Boris Johnson's Jobs Plan for London

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16 March 2012

Green light for London lane rental

Boris Johnson has won another battle in his war on disruptive roadworks, as the Department for Transport today confirmed London will be the first city in the UK that can charge utility companies for the amount of time they dig up roads.

The Mayor successfully lobbied Government for the introduction of lane rental as part of his longer-term strategy for improving roadworks management to increase coordination amongst organisations and free the streets from unnecessary disruption.

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16 March 2012

Back Boris Borough Battle Bus launches

The Back Boris Borough Battle Bus launches its unprecedented tour of London's 32 boroughs today!

Boris Backers will fill the bus over the next seven weeks leading up to election day on 3 May, taking the message of Boris's 9 point plan to every corner of the capital, in a first for any mayoral campaign.

The tour will give as many Londoners as possible the chance to question the Mayor about his progress over the past 4 years and hear his 9 point plan for securing Greater London's future.

One of Boris's promises in 2008 was to run the most open and honest administration in Britain. With official figures showing that he visited 31 of the 32 boroughs in London more times between 2008 and 2012 than his predecessor managed between 2004 and 2008, the Mayor is committed to hearing from Londoners and reporting back to them on his time in office.

Boris Johnson said: "This election comes at a critical time. Londoners are going through one of the toughest periods in recent memory. Despite this there are signs of progress which I will continue with my 9 point plan for Greater London.

"Our unprecedented Back Boris borough battle bus tour will continue my record of getting out to almost all London’s boroughs more times in four years than Mr Livingstone did in eight and I look forward to meeting with residents and businesses and discussing my plans to secure a Greater London."

Back Boris Borough Battle Bus

Back Boris Borough Battle Bus

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14 March 2012

Reporting back to Londoners

In the coming weeks I will be setting out my manifesto commitments for taking this great city forward over the next four years.

And I want my promises to be judged by the determination and success with which I fulfilled the promises I made to Londoners in 2008.

The last four years have been a long road, but despite the toughest financial times in a generation, we have a strong record of delivering for London.

I am proud of what we have achieved, which is why I am publishing a Progress Report on my 2008 manifesto commitments.

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13 March 2012

Crossrail speeds ahead

Boris Johnson today revealed the first of eight Crossrail tunnel boring machines that will carve 21km of twin-tunnels under London.

The 150 metre, 1,000 tonne machines will start tunnelling from Royal Oak Portal in west London to Farringdon via Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road next week.

Crossrail is going forward after Boris’s successful lobbying of central government to protect the funding during tough economic times.

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