29 November 2011

Kingston better with Boris

Kingston is a great place to live.  However we were the forgotten borough when Ken Livingstone was in power.

Boris has changed all of that and now I’m noticing the improvements.

I’m particularly impressed with the campaign to make Kingston’s buses safer. I’ve noticed more police at the local train and bus stations, so it’s no wonder that crime on buses has fallen by 15% with Boris at the helm. Places like Surbiton, New Malden and Chessington are reliant on public transport and people need to feel safe using it.

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21 November 2011

Real change in Islington

My family and I have lived in Islington for over thirty years. For most of that time, all we have ever known is Labour - either at local, City Hall or Government level. And yet our borough still has a substantial problem with poverty, with two-thirds of our residents being amongst the poorest fifth in the country.

Ken Livingstone's solution was always to take away more money. First, through tax increases - he increased council tax by 153%. And second, by saying one thing on fares, but doing another - resulting in massive fare increases after elections.

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15 November 2011

Boris stands up for Tower Hamlets

Boris Johnson brings hope and unity to London. I have an abiding memory of Boris cycling along Whitechapel Road to a meeting. People came out of shops and buses stopped as Londoners cheered on their Mayor. In contrast Ken Livingstone came to Tower Hamlets to play politics - campaigning for an Independent candidate opposing his own Labour Party in a divisive local election.

Boris has not once raised his share of council tax. Ken Livingstone raised council tax every one of his 8 years as Mayor - costing the average household in London £963.58. Livingstone also cynically promised fare reductions before elections, before hiking them afterwards.

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10 November 2011

Boris delivers for Bexley

I have always been a Bexley boy – born and educated. And this year I have managed to get on the property ladder with my partner in the borough.

I work in London and so join the significant number of commuters who work hard in the city centre and return to our suburban surroundings in the evenings. One of my sisters still lives in the borough with her husband and young children and my mum has worked in Sidcup for over sixteen years.

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08 November 2011

Harrow has benefited from Boris's hard work

Harrow is one of the most diverse areas of London, with residents from all walks of life contributing to the borough.

I remember feeling very neglected by Ken Livingstone and many Harrow residents felt the same. His focus on the ‘inner boroughs’ really did annoy people here. But since Boris has been Mayor we have benefited from his hard work, and his dedication to ensure that all boroughs receive the attention they deserve has not gone unnoticed.

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07 November 2011

More police officers on Havering's streets

With less than six months to go before London goes to the polls to elect its next Mayor I urge all Londoners to remember the many great achievements of our current mayor Boris Johnson.

And here in Havering, Boris is making a difference and taking our borough forward. We have benefited from a freeze in council tax payments, much welcomed in these tough times and very different from the 153% rise imposed by Ken Livingstone.

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03 November 2011

Six months to go - Show your support!

In six months Londoners will elect the Mayor who will govern their city until 2016.

Boris Johnson needs your help to be re-elected on 3 May 2012 and to keep the capital moving in the right direction.

London has come a long way since Boris became Mayor as he delivers on his promises to make London safer, invest in a creaking transport network to make it more reliable and keep the cost of living down.

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13 October 2011

Londoners to have greater say in the Royal Parks

Boris Johnson announced this week that a new board for the Royal Parks will be appointed by the Mayor to strengthen the ways in which Londoners can have a voice in the oversight and management of these great assets.

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11 October 2011

Mayor supports young Londoners with £50m fund

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced £13million to help young Londoners into work, education or training.

As part of a £50million package to boost opportunities for young people across the capital over the next four years, the new fund will include a focus on young people with learning disabilities and those at risk of dropping out of school or college, to help them into work or develop skills.

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05 September 2011

One month on

This weekend marked a month since the London riots and we wanted to report to you on what Mayor Boris Johnson has done to put London back on track.

He has met hundreds of victims, community and business leaders and made 15 visits to the worst-affected areas. From these, he has developed and is now putting in place a five-point plan which targets the effects of the riots and tackles the causes to ensure such scenes are never witnessed again.

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