01 February 2012

Boris: Help me cut your council tax

Now more than ever, the responsibility of any Mayor is to treat every penny of Londoners' money with care. Because it's not my money. It's yours. 

And it will only ever be used on the things that take London forward. To invest in transport infrastructure, put more police on the streets, make the Olympics a success and build more affordable housing.

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30 January 2012

Tube more efficient under Boris

Boris Johnson has fought tirelessly to improve London transport since he entered office and today Channel 4 News FactCheck confirmed what we already knew: the underground is more efficient today than it was under Ken Livingstone, and there have been fewer disruptive delays to Londoners’ travel under Boris.

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30 January 2012

Phone canvassing Enfield North

On Thursday we called over 1,000 homes in Enfield North from the BackBoris2012 call centre. Yes, 1,000 homes in our constituency, a key priority for the Mayoral elections and a marginal that we are permanently campaigning in.

With 30 canvassers hitting the phones, over a two and a half hour period we covered homes in all of our target wards, learning about residents key concerns and hearing a heartening level of support for Boris. There was also a large level of hostility raised to the Labour council's ridiculous introduction of Sunday parking charges, showing that our local campaigning is resonating with voters.

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26 January 2012

If you're an Australian, Greater London needs you!

On this wonderful day - and for those unsure why the 26th of January is so special, let me enlighten you - it's Australia Day. As an Australian living and working in London, I'm proudly celebrating, and expecting many other across Hammersmith, Clapham and Shoreditch are too!

And this year I have a more serious message for all the other Australians in the capital - you're eligible to vote in this May's Mayoral election. It is not only British citizens who have a say over how this great city is run, but qualifying Londoners from across the Commonwealth.

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24 January 2012

£1 a day to keep Ken away

There are 100 days to go until Londoners head to the polls to vote for their Mayor.

We're in for a tough fight to stop London being taken backwards.

To compete with Ken Livingstone's union funded and controlled campaign, I need your help.

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23 January 2012

Calling from home is easy (and fun)!

I think Boris is doing a great job as Mayor of London and I really wanted to help out in the campaign to get him re-elected.

Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to get into London to lend a hand with on-the-street campaigning, so I decided to do my bit by signing up to ‘call from home’. As soon as I got my password, I was able to start making calls and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was!

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23 January 2012

Weekend campaigning in Beckenham

This weekend saw over 40 street stalls and action days right across the capital. Boris Backers were out on the streets telling Londoners about Mayor Johnson's commitment to keeping their council tax frozen for an unprecedented fourth year in a row.

At our street stall in Beckenham we had a great turnout of activists, councillors and our local MP and the people we encountered were really responsive.

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17 January 2012

BackBoris/CF New Year phone canvassing

Last night we made hundreds of calls to voters across London as 30 activists gathered to get out the message about Boris's achievement's as Mayor - including cutting crime, investing in transport, freezing council tax, delivering the Olympics on time and under budget and creating opportunities for young people.

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17 January 2012

BackBoris on Campus in 2012

As the BackBoris campaign moves into the last few months and Election Day rapidly approaches, the BackBoris on campus is picking up even more momentum. Off the back of a spectacularly successful Fresher’s Fair campaign, where we signed up well over two thousand activists, and three months of solid campaigning, the pace is ratcheting up.

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12 January 2012

Help Boris deliver 4th council tax freeze

Londoners voted for Boris as their Mayor on the promise of providing value for money and keeping your taxes low.

And he has delivered. Boris has frozen his share of your council tax for 3 years in a row. This has helped many Londoners who suffered 8 years of rises under Ken Livingstone, costing the average household almost £1,000.

Mayor Johnson has now published his draft budget so you can see exactly where your money is going to be spent.

Again he wants to freeze your council tax - for the fourth year in a row.

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