02 March 2012

48 ways to help Boris this weekend

This weekend we’re calling all Boris Backers to get involved! We've got fantastic campaign events happening all over Greater London - from street stalls and canvassing, to leafleting and tube action there are 48 events for you to help Back Boris and maintain the staggering momentum we've built up.

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02 March 2012

Transport investment cannot be put at risk

Today, new official figures show that Tube reliability is at its highest performance levels in a decade. Passenger numbers are soaring on London Underground and average delays are at their lowest since 2003/04 according to the latest performance figures.

Such news shows that Boris Johnson’s investment in the Tube is working - delivering real benefits for Londoners, improving infrastructure and growing London’s economy.

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29 February 2012

This Leap Day, make a commitment

On this Leap Day, we’re asking you to make an important commitment that will have a major impact on your future… and the future of all Londoners.

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24 February 2012

London needs you - today!

Boris Backers are a dedicated bunch. You're working every day of the week, pounding the streets of London and taking to social media, to get the word out about Boris's achievements.

Thousands of volunteers are delivering leaflets; using our activist dashboard to write letters to the editor, Tweet achievements, recruit their friends and create campaign events; giving out flyers at stations; knocking on doors and making calls to voters.

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22 February 2012

BackBoris phone canvassing

On Monday, I had a great time at Conservative HQ phoning Londoners about their priorities for London and to see what they thought of Boris. There was an extra buzz in the room because Boris was there in person and so it gave us all an even greater sense of urgency and purpose to what we were doing!

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20 February 2012

Register to vote by post

On 3rd May Londoners have the chance to vote for Mayor.

The stakes have never been higher, and this election is going to be very close. That’s why I am asking the capital's voters to consider applying to vote by post in this important election, ensuring your say in our capitaI’s future.

Together we can move forward with positive plans to keep cutting crime, keep council tax low, protect investment in transport infrastructure, make the Olympics a success and grow Greater London’s economy.

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17 February 2012

What do you love about London?

The Mayoral election on 3 May comes at a critical time. Londoners are going through one of the toughest periods in recent memory. Despite this, there are signs of progress coming from the fresh and honest approach. The same fresh-thinking that has delivered the world's most successful bike hire scheme.

Boris's determination to end the waste and mismanagement of the previous Mayor has freed up the money to pay for a strong plan for our future - helping to keep London the greatest city in the world.

Our campaign to get Boris re-elected is built on ordinary Londoners from across the city and we want to know what you love about your city.

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16 February 2012

Boris: I'll cut council tax every year

In an unprecedented move, Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged today that he will cut council tax every year if re-elected on 3rd May. This is part of his plan to keep Council Tax low that has seen three years of council tax freezes. In his recently approved budget he went one step further and cut council tax for the first time - setting a very clear direction of travel.

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09 February 2012

Boris's budget passed - council tax cut

Mayor Boris Johnson’s budget for 2012/2013 was passed at its final vote earlier this afternoon. It was passed, including the unprecedented council tax cut, with nine votes in favour, despite all Labour Assembly Members refusing to support it.

This budget secures more for Londoners than ever before and shows the Mayor’s commitment to delivering value for money.

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06 February 2012

Help pass Boris's council tax cut

Families in London are feeling the financial pressure. That's why Boris Johnson is working hard to keep a lid on the prices he controls whenever he can. It's why he stopped Ken Livingstone's £25 tax on family cars and ended 8 years of council tax hikes which cost the average family almost £1,000.

Now, Boris is fighting to cut council tax in his proposed budget as part of his plan to invest in Greater London's future, and he needs your help to ensure that it gets passed.

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