06 June 2011

WEZ scrapping drives boost in business trade

Businesses today praised Mayor Boris Johnson after a boost in trade following his scrapping of the western extension of the congestion charge.

Small business owners in west London said trade was up after the zone was scrapped in December. Official TfL figures also revealed that the increase in traffic was less than expected, while removing the zone had had no 'discernible' effect on traffic pollution levels.

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02 June 2011

Lewisham Record

A copy of the Lewisham Boris Record came through my letterbox today. What a great way of finding out about the Mayor's achievements - I didn't realise he'd done so much. From freezing his share of council tax to putting more police on the streets, Boris's policies have had a really positive impact on me personally, as well as my local area.

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01 June 2011

Boris has news for you!

Millions of Londoners are today receiving their copies of the Boris Record detailing the Mayor's achievements in office.

The newspapers are tailored to each of the capital's boroughs and have been paid for by voluntary donations - not taxpayers' money.

They detail how Boris is leading the charge to improve local transport links, freezing his share of your council tax and how putting more police on the streets has led to fall in crime in your neighbourhoods.

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