08 December 2011

Delivering for Redbridge

I’ve lived in Redbridge all of my life and have witnessed the vast improvement in our borough which has come about since Boris was elected Mayor in 2008.

In the eight years Ken was in charge, the only effect he managed to have on Redbridge was to raise City Hall’s share of council tax by a staggering 153%, squeezing every household.

Residents in the area, including myself, felt these rises were not only unjustified - we didn’t benefit from the extra tax we were paying. Ken only focused on the inner boroughs, neglecting the outer areas such as Redbridge.

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07 December 2011

Keeping Sutton moving forward

Like many, I have kept a close eye on my spending over the last few difficult years. Boris freezing his share of the council tax in his four years as Mayor has been noticed and is very welcome

Just by cancelling the daily delivery of 40 copies of the Morning Star to City Hall, Boris saved several thousands of pounds each year; money that could be better used to make residents’ lives in Sutton just a little easier.

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06 December 2011

Bringing bikes to H&F

When Boris Bikes were first introduced to London, I, like many people, was slightly suspicious. The bikes, I heard, were weighty and hard to control. I complained that there were better things for the Mayor to spend our money on. How wrong I was. They have made living in London an even greater pleasure.

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05 December 2011

The future is bright for Greenwich

Greenwich has plenty going for it - a rich heritage, a thriving local economy and most importantly of all, a real sense of community spirit.
We have seen many improvements in the borough in the time that Boris has been Mayor. 

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02 December 2011

Boris delivers for Enfield

Living in Enfield, it's nice to finally have a Mayor who doesn’t just pay lip service to working for people living in the outer boroughs.

Take Oyster cards. When they were first introduced, those of us who rely on the overland trains waited and waited to be included. Ken Livingstone promised they would be coming but nothing ever happened. It took Boris Johnson to come in and actually deliver what we wanted.

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01 December 2011

A pretty exciting place to live

Hackney’s a pretty exciting place to live right now.

From my house I can see the Olympic Stadium and the refurbished London Overground. And we need someone who can make sure we get the most out of these new opportunities.

The Olympics are a great opportunity for Hackney, and although lots of people think it’s costing an arm and a leg, it was costing an arm and two legs before Boris got hold of it!

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