28 August 2011

£12 for 2012 donor meeting

Having seen what Boris has achieved so far, I decided to show my backing by making a donation to the BackBoris2012 re-election campaign. I was fortunate to be picked out of a hat amongst a few other people to meet him. I found Boris a very friendly and down to earth man who is passionate about London, its people and businesses.

He explained what he is doing to get normality to the areas affected by the riots and improve London’s image on the international scene. He answered questions on various topics including putting more police on the streets, cutting crime, making the Olympics a success and his lane rental scheme for cutting congestion. Having met Boris, I am now even a stronger supporter of him and recommend everyone to support and vote for him.

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25 August 2011

BackBoris CF telephone canvassing

Young activists took over CCHQ last evening for CF's fortnightly BackBoris telecanvassing session.

The team spoke with voters in the Chingford area, listening to their priorities for London and their views on Boris's administration. Given recent events, it was no surprise that crime topped many agendas. The majority of people I spoke with were pleased to hear about Boris’s achievements in this key area: a 9% reduction in crime generally and 20% reduction in the number of burglaries, plus over 1,000 more police on the streets by May 2012 than in May 2008. In my view, the statistics speak for themselves.

By the end of the night, we had a great pile of completed questionnaires and loads of new sign-ups to the campaign! A fun and productive evening was had by all.

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24 August 2011

£3.5m fund for riot-hit businesses

A new £3.5million fund is being made available to businesses affected by the riots and in need of emergency financial help.

The ‘High Street Fund’ is a charitable fund offering immediate cash support to help smaller businesses across the UK that suffered from the disturbances. It is made up of £3million from Barclays, BP, Capita, Deloitte, Lloyds Banking Group, RBS and Santander and another £500,000 made available by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. The Mayor's contribution will be ringfenced for London businesses. The companies and City Hall will also offer support services and expertise for the businesses.

The Fund founders hope that more leading companies and individuals will also donate to help as many small businesses as possible.

Boris Johnson, said: "I have seen at first hand businesses showing remarkable resilience and true fighting spirit. However, it is no secret that many high streets in the capital are still suffering as a result of the appalling events earlier this month.

"Small businesses need urgent help to repair damage and get goods back on the shelves and the High Street Fund will help to do just that. I have absolutely no doubt that if we pull together and give our support to the fund we can ensure that London emerges as a stronger and even more prosperous city than before."

This is in addition to the Mayor's £50 million London-wide regeneration fund to invest in larger scale rebuilding projects to restore and improve all areas affected by the riots and the £20 million London Enterprise Fund for Croydon and Tottenham to provide rapid improvements such as rebuilding properties, providing business rate relief, investing in transport infrastructure and supporting local employment.

Mr Johnson has been meeting and listening to residents and business owners in the worst hit areas of the capital, including Clapham Junction, Croydon, Enfield, Tottenham, Ealing, Stoke Newington, Peckham, Hackney, Lewisham and Woolwich.

For more information on the Fund and how to apply for assistance, please visit http://www.thehighstreetfund.co.uk/

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23 August 2011

Leafleting at the Oval

The sun was shining on Sunday morning as England played India in the fourth and final Test match at the Oval in Kennington, and whilst the stands were filling up, Boris Backers were out in force to leaflet the crowds as they entered the stadium. We had a really great turnout, with sixteen young activists making their way down to Kennington to help spread the word about Boris’s achievements – cutting crime, freezing council tax, improving public transport and delivering the Olympic Games on time and on budget.

The response from the crowds was very positive, with the majority of people firmly believing that Boris is taking London in the right direction. If you want to help make sure London keeps moving in the right direction, sign up as an Activist at http://www.backboris2012.com/dashboard.

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22 August 2011

Youth campaign update

The BackBoris youth campaign has had a busy summer so far. Young activists have been out and about across London, campaigning hard to make sure the Mayor of London is re-elected, and the support we’ve got has been magnificent.

We've held successful campaign days throughout London and have loads more planned over the next few months. Our Richmond and Kingston teams leafleted at both the Wimbledon Ladies’ Final and the England vs Wales Rugby match at Twickenham, while in the North, we worked with local teams in Harrow and Enfield to help hold Council Seats in by-elections and get the BackBoris2012 message out at the same time.

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17 August 2011

£20m for Croydon & Tottenham

Tottenham and Croydon will be transformed through major regeneration, Mayor of London Boris Johnson pledged today.

The areas, two of the worst hit during the recent riots, will benefit from a £20 million 'London Enterprise Fund' given by Government to be directly invested by the Mayor in Croydon and Tottenham. This fund comes on top of both Boris Johnson's £50 million regeneration fund, as well as the Outer London Fund.

Working with local residents, businesses and the councils, the Mayor and his team will identify how the fund can secure the maximum regeneration impact. The 'London Enterprise Fund' is designed to enable rapid improvements, so the money could be used for things like rebuilding affected properties, providing business rate relief, investing in transport infrastructure and supporting local employment.

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15 August 2011

Payback London

Speaking after this morning's Cobra meeting, the Mayor of London said that young people involved in last week's riots would lose their rights to things like free travel, but could earn them back through restorative justice programmes, like his Payback London scheme.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "One thing we want to explore and what we were just talking about just now in Cobra, is to look at all sorts of ways so that young people in particular who’ve been involved in rioting and looting do not simply walk out and wave two fingers to the authorities and say, 'Well I enjoyed all that, and I haven’t got anything to worry about' or take it as a badge of honour."

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11 August 2011

£50m to regenerate London's damaged town centres

Boris Johnson has announced a £50million fund to help town centres and high streets damaged by the recent disturbances. The new fund is in addition to the Mayor's Outer London Fund and will invest in larger scale rebuilding projects, building on the momentum created as repair work begins.

Regeneration proposals will be developed with communities and Councils and ensure that the contracts go to as many local businesses, employing local people, as possible. This local focus will also include apprenticeships for unemployed people in the affected areas to help them develop the skills they need to get into work.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “We have always recognised the importance of improving London's town centres and clearly after the destruction caused by the recent events across the city this is a bigger challenge than ever. That is why I am allocating £50 million to ensure that these areas are regenerated quickly and transformed into safe, attractive, vibrant and economically successful places to live, work and invest in.”

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09 August 2011

How to help riot victims

We've received loads of messages from Londoners asking how they can help. Several groups have started organising local volunteers. To get involved, please visit these sites or join the discussion on Twitter by following hashtag #riotcleanup.

For all the information on clean up locations, contact details and what to bring if you're able to help, visit:



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09 August 2011

London will come back from all this

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has written in today's Evening Standard that London can and will come back from the riots.

I was watching the TV news in the Canadian town of Calgary last night as I waited to catch a plane, and as the images of a blazing London filled the screen I felt a series of emotions...

I felt ashamed - ashamed at the actions of a small but significant minority of our fellow Londoners, and the damage they are doing to their own economic prospects and the reputation of London around the planet.

In less than 12 months we will welcome the world to a great summer Games in the greatest city on earth - and by then we must all hope that we will look back on these events as a bad dream.

It can be done. But it will be hard, and we will have our work cut out.

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