02 May 2012

We Back Boris - will you?

By BackBoris2012 Campaign Team

We are writing this today because tomorrow London will decide who is to guide our great city through the difficult times we are all facing together.

Here at BackBoris2012 HQ we have been working for Boris for months now, most of us working as volunteers because we believe that he is the best person to be Mayor for a Greater London.

Many of us have never been involved in politics before. Some of us have voted Labour, some Liberal Democrat. Some of us even quit our jobs to be here.

We have come together because in Boris we see a unique individual. A man who makes London smile, a man who brings communities together, and a man who has never lectured Londoners on how to behave whilst secretly doing the opposite.

We all have one thing that brings us together. It is our belief in Boris Johnson. What he has done in his four years as Mayor and his plans for the next.

People are claiming that this election is about many different things.

But actually this election is about just one - who is best placed to lead our city in these difficult times with a clear plan for creating jobs, investing in the Tube, cutting our council tax and building a better future for our families.

If you share our belief that we need a Mayor who will bring London together, not divide it, and whom we can trust to lead us out of these toughest of economic times then please Back Boris as Mayor. For Greater London. For the future.

Please join us in voting tomorrow. Never forget that every single vote counts, no matter where in Greater London you live. And whatever you think the result is going to be, please don't leave it to others to vote - they may be leaving it to you.

Together we can help deliver a bright future for Greater London. Together we can Back Boris.

Best wishes,
Aaron, Adam, Aga, Ahamed A., Ahamed O., Akmaral, Alex C., Alex M., Alex W., Alicia, Amanda, Amy, Andrew, Ashish, Austin, Ben B., Ben D., Ben G., Ben M., Ben S., Benjamin, Bethany, Beth, Camilla, Carolyn, Carrie, Catherine, Charlie, Chloe, Chris B., Chris S., Daniel, Danny, David C., David L., David N., David O., Dawn, Ed, Ellie, Emma T., Emma W., Eric, Eva, Freddie, Georgia, Guy, Hiro, Ian O., Ian W., Isabel, James, Jenny, Jessie, Jolyon, Jonathan, Justin, Justyna, Karisma, Kathryn, Kerstin, Lakon, Laura, Liz, Lorraine, Luisa, Lynton, Madelina, Manesh, Marc, Marina, Mark, Matthew, Max, Michael B., Michael C., Miles, Mimi, Nabil, Nick, Paul B., Paul P., Paul S., Peter, Rainna, Ran, Robert, Robin, Rory, Sam L., Sam T., Sarah, Sebastian, Simon, Sophie H., Sophie S., Terrance, Theo, Toby, Tom, Vicky, Wendy


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