01 May 2012

Taking Greater London Forward

By Boris Johnson

The Mayoral election on Thursday comes when we have been going through the toughest times that anyone can remember.

The big question is therefore blindingly simple - who has the best plan for the jobs and growth that will help bring prosperity to all?

It is about who will deliver the investment from central government that will take London forward.

It is about who you can trust to spend that money wisely – and who will be honest with you about where the money is coming from, and how it is spent.

I believe my 9 point plan is right for the future of the greatest city on earth. It secures Greater London's future by cutting waste at City Hall, reducing council tax, creating 200,000 new jobs, protecting green space, investing in transport, cutting tube delays and ensuring a true Olympic legacy.

My ambition is to make London ever safer, greener, cleaner and more attractive to live, work and invest in.

By managing our budgets responsibly, we have abandoned the grandiose and wasteful approach of the previous mayor. This has allowed me to keep my promises to London over the last four years:

  • I have put 1,000 more police on the streets and now we are taking officers out of backroom jobs – putting 2,000 officers in Safer Neighbourhood Teams.
  • I have delivered a 24 hour Freedom Pass – and we will now make sure that everyone gets it as soon as they turn 60, and we will negotiate to put it on overground rail as well.
  • I got rid of the Western Extension Zone of the Congestion Charge, because it was imposed in defiance of people’s wishes.
  • I banned alcohol on public transport and put another 697 uniformed officers on the buses and Tube.
  • I have got rid of the bendy bus and introduced a new Routemaster-style bus for London, built in Britain, creating jobs in this country, the cleanest new bus in Europe – and each of them costs no more than a current hybrid bus.
  • I have saved billions in unnecessary expense at TFL, disposed of 23 buildings and 25% of the directors. I have sold two police flats and cut bonuses across the board.
  • And it is this relentless efficiency with your money that has allowed me to freeze the Mayoral share of council tax for four years. Now I am promising to cut it by 10%.

The choice is clear this Thursday.

It is between a Mayor who invests in our future – not the irresponsible proposals from Ken Livingstone that would put that investment at risk.

I know I am best placed to get the funds our city will need. I will use that money well – not waste it on schemes of no economic benefit to London.

I want to unite London – not try to divide one group from another.

I want to take London forwards – not back to the 1970s.

I believe I am best placed to lead London out of recession, to get real and lasting value from the Olympics, and to lengthen our lead as the greatest city on earth.

I hope I can count on your vote this Thursday. For Greater London. For the future.


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Posted by Anonymous at 01 May 2012, 14:05

I may not live in London any more, but I would like to wish you all the best. I visit London on a regular basis and am very impressed with the improvements that you and your team have made. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Posted by Anonymous at 01 May 2012, 06:35

You will get my vote. I have seen you in action so many times now so its hard not to believe in a man who understands the work ethic needed that keeps a country great. plus you just arent foolish enough to fiddle taxes. Its a bigger deal than most people realise because youre not trying to be a saint, youre just an honest bloke