03 May 2012

Last chance to Back Boris

BackBoris 2012 Campaign Director Lynton Crosby just sent this message out to campaign supporters.  Make no mistake, the battle isn't over yet!  Make sure you get out and vote before 10pm tonight.

You’ve heard a lot from me recently about why the election today is so critical.

Londoners face a clear choice between going forwards under Boris’s 9 point plan for a Greater London or back to the divisive politics of the past.

Now, the choice is in your hands.  There are just a few hours left to determine London’s future.  If you haven’t already, please make sure you get out and vote before 10pm tonight.

Find your polling station: http://BackBoris2012.com/HowToVote

Together we can Back Boris and keep Greater London moving forwards.

Lynton Crosby
Campaign Director


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