01 May 2012

Endorsements roll in for Boris's re-election

In the last few days, Boris has been endorsed by a number of publications who have taken notice of his 9 point plan to secure a Greater London and his strong record of cutting waste and securing investment. We thought we’d share with you what they’re saying and remind you to let us know why you’re backing Boris.

The Evening Standard calls Boris “the right choice for London” and write, “Since his election in 2008, Mr Johnson has campaigned tirelessly for London’s interests, regardless of the complexion of national government.” London is best served by sticking with Boris.

The Daily Mail writes that Boris “is undoubtedly the best man to be Mayor and represent London on the world stage during the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.” He’s been a tax-cutting and cost-effective mayor, “Boris has frozen council tax for the last four years – saving the average Londoner a cumulative £445 – and plans to cut it by 10 per cent over the next four years.”

Conservative Home makes the case for Boris, who they say has run a “positive, ambitious Mayoralty.” Boris has already achieved a vast amount as Mayor and has been a Mayor for all Londoners. “His mission is not complete and I hope and believe that this week Londoners will give him the power to get on with it.”

The Sunday Telegraph writes of Boris’s determination to do everything that he can to help small businesses. Boris is someone who can be relied on to do what he says and not to make promises that he cannot keep.

The Sunday Times (£) declares that Boris “remains a far better choice than Mr Livingstone” and that he deserves another term as Mayor of London. 

And The Economist “would like Mr Johnson to serve another term.”


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