27 April 2012

Boris Q&A reaches 1million

By Bethany Wheatley, Digital Campaign Coordinator

With less than a week to go until polling day voters face the choice of a better future - or a return the past.

Over the next six days all the mayoral candidates will be pounding the pavements to get their messages out to Londoners. Boris has a packed schedule of borough visits and will be on the go constantly, taking his nine point plan to secure Greater London's future to even more people.

It's definitely crunch time, but borough visits, walkabouts and canvassing aren't the only way to get out the vote.

Last night Boris did a live Twitter Q&A, answering 23 questions over the course of 40 minutes. Topics ranged from transport, tackling crime in the capital and what Boris has done for the outer boroughs to whether Boris likes Marmite (yes) and if he'll continue to engage with Londoners through social media ("You betcha. There will be no 'retweet' from social media while I'm Mayor!")

During the Q&A #AskBoris was the top trending topic within the UK, got as high as fourth worldwide and reached nearly 1 million, clearly showing the power of Twitter to help a candidate get their message across.

Boris chose to answer one particular question about the New Bus for London from a woman who describes herself as 'anti-Boris' in her Twitter bio. Despite his engagement, she continued to abuse him throughout the session. Inevitably, of course, you get people asking hostile questions whose minds are already made up against you and part of the fun of these kind of events is sitting with Boris as he reads the questions and answers them.

As Boris takes to the streets for the final days of campaigning, we'll be digitally documenting his journey across Greater London. Follow us on Twitter (@BackBoris2012), Facebook, Flickr and our campaign timeline for all the latest updates.

And on 3 May, head to your local polling station to put your cross next to Boris's name to help secure Greater London's future.


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