02 March 2012

Transport investment cannot be put at risk

Today, new official figures show that Tube reliability is at its highest performance levels in a decade. Passenger numbers are soaring on London Underground and average delays are at their lowest since 2003/04 according to the latest performance figures.

Such news shows that Boris Johnson’s £22billion investment in the Tube is working - delivering real benefits for Londoners, improving infrastructure and growing London’s economy.

As some of London’s most respected business community said yesterday any Mayor of London must invest in our city. We agree. We cannot go back to the neglect and waste of the previous administration. And we cannot put this investment at risk.

The business community also said that any Mayor must ensure all major rail projects arrive on time. Again we agree. The Tube upgrades, which will reduce delays by 30% and increase capacity, and also Crossrail, which is now being built after years of delay, are vital to attracting new businesses to London, growing our city’s economy and creating jobs.

However, this progress and investment will be put at risk if Ken Livingstone and his RMT cronies get back into City Hall. Experts agree Mr Livingstone’s transport plan, if implemented, would take more than £1billion out of London's transport budget. This means stopping Tube upgrades and cutting bus services, especially in outer London, threatening London’s economy and Londoners’ jobs.

We cannot go back to the waste and high taxes of Mr Livingstone. Instead we should invest in our city’s future to secure a greater London.


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