14 March 2012

Reporting back to Londoners

By Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

In the coming weeks I will be setting out my manifesto commitments for taking this great city forward over the next four years.

And I want my promises to be judged by the determination and success with which I fulfilled the promises I made to Londoners in 2008.

The last four years have been a long road, but despite the toughest financial times in a generation, we have a strong record of delivering for London.

I am proud of what we have achieved, which is why I am publishing a Progress Report on my 2008 manifesto commitments.

Click below to download the PDF or visit www.backboris2012.com/progressreport

My Progress ReportIn 2008:

  • I said we would make London safer
  • I said we would improve our transport network
  • I said we would cut the cost of City Hall for hard-pressed Londoners
  • I promised to improve the quality of life for Londoners and build a record number of homes

And we have delivered.

I also vowed to run the most open and transparent administration in Britain, which is why I am making this Progress Report available to all Londoners. If we have not achieved a goal – or not yet – then I am determined that we should be honest about the reason.

But with a 91% success rate, I believe that overall it is a record of substantial accomplishment.

We said we would listen to Londoners and we have. We scrapped the Western Extension of the Congestion Charge after consulting local residents and businesses, unlike the previous Mayor who introduced it despite massive local opposition.

We have ended the culture of waste at City Hall, and the high-handed misuse of taxpayers’ money.

We have put 1,000 more police on the street, and found the funding that will keep police numbers high - and as a result we have cut crime by more than 10%.

We have stepped up investment in our creaking transport infrastructure, and cut tube delays by 40%.

And after eight years of eye-watering rises under the previous Mayor, we have cut the council tax and saved Londoners £445 for an average household.

It is easy to make promises. It is hard work to keep them.

See for yourself what we have delivered and judge the strength of our intentions for the next four years on what we have already done - download the report today.


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