23 March 2012

Join the BackBoris Battle Bus!

By Taz Campbell, Tower Hamlets

I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to the Back Boris Borough Battle Bus!

What did it? Simple: Who we are and what we love.

My first trip on the Boris Bus came on Wednesday to Brent. I wasn't sure what or whom to expect when I arrived, but as we boarded and drove off, it became clear that we were in for a day of hard work and great fun.

And then, the Mayor joined us. As usual...he was on fire! The atmosphere was great and fueled by our group's enthusiasm.

We came in different colours, genders, accents, lifestyles and sizes. We were white, black and everything in between. We came from as far away as Essex and Los Angeles, dressed in suits, in jeans, in skirts. Women, men, UK-born, overseas-born, gay, straight - our languages were many, our message was one: Back Boris and his 9 point plan to secure a Greater London.

We love London with all our hearts.

So I'm getting back on the bus next Wednesday and I hope to meet even more of you and share in a great day of a common goal...loving London even more.

Love London? Back Boris 2012 and join us on the bus!

Tomorrow: http://www.backboris2012.com/events/details/BusMar24
Monday: http://www.backboris2012.com/events/details/BusMar26


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