16 March 2012

Green light for London lane rental

Boris Johnson has won another battle in his war on disruptive roadworks, as the Department for Transport today confirmed London will be the first city in the UK that can charge utility companies for the amount of time they dig up roads.

The Mayor successfully lobbied Government for the introduction of lane rental as part of his longer-term strategy for improving roadworks management to increase coordination amongst organisations and free the streets from unnecessary disruption.

TfL now has the power to charge companies up to £2,500 a day to dig up the busiest roads at peak times. By incentivising companies to complete work more quickly and at off-peak travel times such as overnight, London's road-users - including drivers, cyclists and bus passengers - will benefit from less traffic disruption and more reliable journey times.

Lane rental comes on the back of figures showing that the Mayor's strategy to tackle disruptive roadworks, including his permit scheme, has helped cut serious disruption by nearly 40%.

Revenue from the scheme would go toward research into roadworks innovation, helping develop new ways to cut road work times. New technologies funded through this money - such as quick curing materials and improved plating techniques - will also allow roads to return to normal use more rapidly.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Road works are a colossal nuisance for Londoners and a great cost to our economy. That is why in 2008 I promised to strongly lobby Government to introduce powers to reduce disruption and I am delighted that our constructive negotiations are delivering real progress.

“It will push everyone involved in road works on the capital’s roads to cut disruption and do their utmost to keep Londoners moving and businesses growing.”


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Posted by Anonymous at 21 March 2012, 02:51

I brilliant idea! Why cant this go nationwide? I know of one set of roadworks that has been there for over 18 months.. Had they been charged, who knows how much quicker completion would be.