08 March 2012

Boris: Transport investment must not be put at risk

At the weekend, Boris Johnson set out his 9 point plan to secure Greater London's future.

Speaking today about his vision for transport in London, the Mayor elaborated on Pledge 8 of his 9 point plan - investing in transport.

He outlined what he inherited in 2008: Labour's tube PPP disaster, which saw hundreds of millions of pounds that should have been spent making the system better wasted under Labour's failed privatisation plan; the consequences of the decades of underinvestment and the fare dodger's paradise that was the bendy bus.

He also spoke about what he's been doing to fix it: scrapping the hugely wasteful privatisation plan, fighting to secure Crossrail and the tube upgrades at a time of severe pressure on public finances, protecting and extending the Freedom Pass to all those at 60, and delivering innovative schemes like cycle hire.

And he laid out his plan for the future: maintaining investment rather than cutting it by £1 billion as Ken Livingstone has proposed, introducing driverless trains, plans to cut Tube delays by 30 per cent, new sources of finance to deliver more infrastructure, a more efficient Tube service that is cheaper to run and use and investment in London's roads.

He stressed that this election is critical, and that on 3rd May the fundamental choice is between continuing to invest in order to create jobs and growth, or cutting investment by £1 billion and choking off the recovery.

Boris said: "Our plan will deliver significant changes over the next four years and beyond.

"When you take everything into account, we will be expanding capacity across everything that moves on some form of rail by a whopping 50%, etching a giant St. George’s cross on the Tube map with Crossrail east to west and Thameslink north to south.

"These improvements will create the jobs and growth we need.

"That's why it is critical that transport investment is not put at risk. It would be hugely damaging to the city to take £1 billion away from transport funding as Ken Livingstone is proposing."

Find out more about Pledge 8 of Boris's 9 point plan for Greater London: www.backboris2012.com/9pointplan/transport


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Posted by Anonymous at 08 March 2012, 17:00

i think his plan is really good