29 February 2012

This Leap Day, make a commitment

On this Leap Day, we’re asking you to make an important commitment that will have a major impact on your future… and the future of all Londoners.

Please pledge to vote for Mayor Boris Johnson on 3rd May: www.backboris2012.com/pledge

There are only 64 days to go until Londoners head to the polls to elect the next Mayor of London. As Boris supporters, you know how much is at stake.

The return of Ken Livingstone means a return to waste, high taxes, broken promises and Bob Crow and his cronies back at City Hall.

Times are tough, but Boris Johnson’s fresh and honest approach at City Hall is showing signs of progress. By ending the waste and mismanagement of the previous Mayor, Boris has freed up the money to pay for a strong plan for the future.

Boris's Greater London plan is:
    •    Putting 1,000 more police officers on the street and cutting crime by over 10%
    •    Cutting council tax, having frozen it for the last three years saving the average household £445
    •    Investing £22bn in transport infrastructure, creating 32,000 jobs, linking our suburbs and cutting tube delays by 30% over the next three years
    •    Investing £221m in local high streets, supporting small businesses

It is imperative to protect this progress. We must not leave our future to chance. We must ensure that Boris gets another four years in office to build on his achievements and deliver his full Greater London Plan.

When it comes down to it, putting a cross next to Boris Johnson’s name on 3rd May is the most important action you can take. If you don’t vote, London's future is at risk.

For this reason, we are asking you to please pledge to vote for Boris on 3rd May.

Take the pledge: www.backboris2012.com/pledge

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we will win this election and help Boris keep London moving forward to secure a Greater London.


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