24 February 2012

London needs you - today!

By Bethany Wheatley, Digital Campaign Coordinator

Boris Backers are a dedicated bunch. You're working every day of the week, pounding the streets of London and taking to social media, to get the word out about Boris's achievements.

Thousands of volunteers are delivering leaflets; using our activist dashboard to write letters to the editor, Tweet achievements, recruit their friends and create campaign events; giving out flyers at stations; knocking on doors and making calls to voters.

The London Mayoral election is only 10 weeks away and the outcome will be critical to London’s future.

That's why we need the help of people like you from right across the capital to back the energy and optimism that will truly drive London forward: www.backboris2012.com/volunteer

Londoners are going through one of the toughest periods in recent memory. But despite this, there are signs of progress from Boris Johnson's fresh and honest approach to tackling London’s challenges.

Boris's determination to end the waste and mismanagement of the previous Mayor has freed up the money to pay for a strong plan for our future.

A plan that puts 1,000 more police on the streets, saves the average London household £445 in council tax, invests in transport and our high streets and creates 200,000 new jobs and more.

But at the election on 3 May this progress is being put at risk - Ken Livingstone's return would mean a return to waste, high taxes and union bosses pulling the strings.

We're asking you to join the thousands already on the streets of London as a volunteer. Whether that means you make phone calls from home or one of our call centres, use the activist dashboard to get the word out online, help deliver campaign material or leaflet outside your local station, you’ll be playing a big part in securing a Greater London.


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