06 February 2012

Help pass Boris's council tax cut

By Lynton Crosby, Campaign Director

Families in London are feeling the financial pressure. That's why Boris Johnson is working hard to keep a lid on the prices he controls whenever he can. It's why he stopped Ken Livingstone's £25 tax on family cars and ended 8 years of council tax hikes which cost the average family almost £1,000.

Now, Boris is fighting to cut council tax in his proposed budget as part of his plan to invest in Greater London's future, and he needs your help to ensure that it gets passed.

Ken Livingstone's allies in the Assembly have made it clear they are against Boris's budget. There are three simple things you can do to help ensure they don't succeed in blocking it:

1. Join more than 1,300 Londoners so far in emailing your Assembly Member, asking them to support Boris's budget and cut council tax:

Log on to www.BorisBudget.com to contact your Assembly Member today.

2. Watch and share our latest campaign video, reminding Londoners of Ken Livingstone's 152% council tax hike which cost the average London household almost £1,000 and highlighting the clear choice between higher taxes under Ken and lower taxes under Boris.

Click above to watch and share the video

3. Use our Activist Dashboard to submit a letter to the editor of your local paper, voicing your support for Boris's budget and the council tax cut.

Log in (or sign up) to the dashboard and send your letter to the editor:


This election comes at a critical time for London. Boris Johnson has a real plan that is ending the debt and waste of the Ken Livingstone years. It recognises that a strong local economy and sound City Hall finances are central to investing in Greater London's future.

The alternative at this election is to go backwards to the negative, scandal- and debt-ridden politics of division, broken promises, high taxes and waste of Ken Livingstone.

Don't leave London's future to chance.


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