16 February 2012

Boris: I'll cut council tax every year

In an unprecedented move, Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged today that he will cut council tax every year if re-elected on 3rd May. This is part of his plan to keep Council Tax low that has seen three years of council tax freezes. In his recently approved budget he went one step further and cut council tax for the first time - setting a very clear direction of travel.

In order to ensure that the council tax cut is delivered for Londoners, Boris and his team will be making savings totaling £150 million over the next four years. Savings will come from all areas across City Hall including further cuts in staffing levels.

This comes after 8 years of Ken Livingstone's administration, where independent auditors concluded that millions were wasted and council tax soared by 152%. This cost the average household an extra £964. 

Since becoming Mayor, Boris has been a fierce advocate of cutting back on waste and unnecessary taxes. Over the past four years he has:

  • Frozen the GLA’s share of council tax for three years and cut it this year - saving the average London household £445;
  • Made £3.5 billion of savings across the GLA, including the abolition of the London Development Agency;
  • Scrapped Ken Livingstone’s plans for a £25 tax on family vehicles;
  • Made reductions in staffing levels netting £30 million in savings for Londoners.

This is a critical time for London. When Londoners are going through one of the toughest periods in recent memory, every penny counts and Boris understands this reality. This pledge to cut council tax is the next step in his fight against waste and high taxes.

But at the Mayoral election on 3rd May, this progress is at risk. The return of Ken Livingstone means a return to waste, high taxes and the RMT union bosses at City Hall.

Don't leave your future to chance. Back Boris on 3rd May to secure a Greater London and keep council tax low.


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