22 February 2012

BackBoris phone canvassing

By Annesley Abercorn

On Monday, I had a great time phoning Londoners about their priorities for London and to see what they thought of Boris. There was an extra buzz in the room because the Mayor was there in person and so it gave us all an even greater sense of urgency and purpose to what we were doing!

It was very useful to have a chance to speak to residents about their concerns and nearly all the people who answered the phone were keen to participate and give me their thoughts. There were a wide-ranging set of issues from the level of their council tax - which Boris has cut, to crime - down 10.6%, and the environment.

Almost everyone I spoke to was very much engaged with the local issues in their area and really cared about making it a better place to live. It was also a great opportunity to highlight Boris's achievements as Mayor and I found that there was a lot of appreciation for what he has delivered for London.

If you've ever thought of joining us at a phone canvassing session, definitely come along! There was a great atmosphere and we were well looked after in terms of drinks and nibbles to keep us going. Everyone was very friendly - lots of banter and camaraderie and it was nice to see so many people pulling together.

I urge anyone thinking about it to give it a try, have some fun and support a great cause along the way: www.backboris2012.com/events


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