30 January 2012

Phone canvassing Enfield North

By Nick Dines

On Thursday we called over 1,000 homes in Enfield North from the BackBoris2012 call centre. Yes, 1,000 homes in our constituency, a key priority for the Mayoral elections and a marginal that we are permanently campaigning in.

With 30 canvassers hitting the phones, over a two and a half hour period we covered homes in all of our target wards, learning about residents key concerns and hearing a heartening level of support for Boris. There was also a large level of hostility raised to the Labour council's ridiculous introduction of Sunday parking charges, showing that our local campaigning is resonating with voters.

Whilst it will of course never replace good old door knocking, I heartily recommend to any Association that they make use of the phone canvassing opportunities available at CCHQ. To hit that many homes in an evening is incredible and also enjoyable. We will be using if it for Enfield North again in February, with London Assembly candidate Andy Hemsted and our MP Nick DeBois coming along.

Join supporters at our upcoming phone canvassing sessions: www.backboris2012.com/events


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