26 January 2012

If you're an Australian, Greater London needs you!

On this wonderful day - and for those unsure why the 26th of January is so special, let me enlighten you - it's Australia Day. As an Australian living and working in London, I'm proudly celebrating, and expecting many other across Hammersmith, Clapham and Shoreditch are too!

And this year I have a more serious message for all the other Australians in the capital - you're eligible to vote in this May's Mayoral election. It is not only British citizens who have a say over how this great city is run, but qualifying Londoners from across the Commonwealth.

The Mayoral and Assembly elections give you a say about how the city in which you live and work is run. By voting on 3 May, your voice will be heard.

As Mayor, Boris Johnson has a record of which Londoners can be proud:

  • crime is down by 10%
  • bus crime is down by 30%
  • there will be 1,000 more police on the streets and a million extra patrols a year by May 2012
  • the Mayoral share of council tax has been frozen for three years in a row and he's fighting to freeze it for a fourth
  • billions are being invested in transport, creating 32,000 jobs
  • the Olympic facilities have been delivered on time and under budget

But there is still more we must do and you can help by voting on 3 May. So make sure your name is on the electoral roll. To find out more and register, visit www.aboutmyvote.co.uk


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