24 January 2012

Boris cutting crime with more police on the streets

Boris Johnson today said that one of his proudest achievements as Mayor of London has been cutting crime by more than 10% and increasing police numbers on local streets.

Speaking on LBC’s Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show this morning, Mayor Johnson said: “Crime figures are down compared with Ken Livingstone and we’ve had to do it in the teeth of a recession. Crime has come down more than 10% overall. Murder is down almost 25% since I’ve become Mayor. I’m very proud of that. That’s because of more police.”

With an additional £42million invested in the Metropolitan Police Service this year, 1,000 more police officers and one million more patrols annually will be in London by May 2012 compared to when Boris was elected in May 2008. The investment in more police officers has led to a fall in crime of 10.6% across Boris Johnson’s 44 months as Mayor compared with Ken Livingstone’s last 44 months. This reduction comes after years of rising crime and broken promises under Ken Livingstone when violent crime increased 11.2% per cent and actual bodily harm rose 84% between 2000/01 and 2007/08.

When Boris Johnson became Mayor he promised to work day and night to turn things around. By working with all of London's Boroughs and Londoners whatever their background or politics, he has put more police on local streets, brought down crime significantly, tackled reoffending and youth crime and made London the safest it has been for ten years.


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