17 January 2012

BackBoris on Campus in 2012

By Nabil Najjar, Youth Coordinator

As the BackBoris campaign moves into the last few months and Election Day rapidly approaches, the BackBoris on campus is picking up even more momentum. Off the back of a spectacularly successful Fresher’s Fair campaign, where we signed up well over two thousand activists, and three months of solid campaigning, the pace is ratcheting up.

Each Monday our telephone canvassing sessions are filled to capacity with enthusiastic supporters ringing voters across the capital, and this week we were joined by Campaign Director Lynton Crosby, who gave us an insight into what's ahead for the campaign.

Our phone banks are a great way to get involved, meet other activists and do your bit to help re-elect Boris as Mayor of London, so get in touch with Peter Cuthbertson on [email protected] to get involved.

We’ve held campaign days right across London and have already doubled the number we’re holding. Over the next few months we'll be organising weekly Action Days in target areas across the city, so be sure to check out the BackBoris events page to find your nearest.

The student ‘battle-bus’ is also being prepared for action and on campuses throughout London, we’re working to raise awareness of the upcoming elections and of Boris’ superb record in office:

  • cutting crime by 10%
  • freezing council tax
  • upgrading public transport
  • delivering the Olympics on time and on budget, as well as ensuring a lasting legacy
  • providing opportunities for all of London’s young people

The campaign is really hotting up and there’s never been a better time to get involved. We're in for a tough fight over the next three and a half months and your help is vital.

Supporting the Boris campaign - by making phone calls, campaigning on the doorstep or working on campus - is great fun and is important to help make sure we return Boris as Mayor of London.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to get involved: [email protected]


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